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  1. grains weird behaviour - mass / rest position issue?

    Try to turn off drag? Just a guess
  2. Help with Grains & RBD's (beginner)

    I opened your file but I cant locate the solver? Maybe you just made the grain constraint and forget the solver?
  3. Hi, Im trying to automatically create udims for an object using udim attribute but it makes the surfaces smaller resulting to lower resolution. Before the merge -> uv layout UDIM node the surfaces occupy much larger area in the UV tile but its very small when layouted. Is there anyway to automatically make them fit max as possible? the scale largest packable is already check but it still reduces its area in the tile.
  4. Vellum Inflate From Flattened State?

    I used sop solver inside the dop and only targeting the prims that has "pressure" constraint attribute in the constraint geom which is usually primnum 0 change the sop solvers data from Geometry to ConstraintGeometry