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  1. Cloth arbitrary vel field

    OK, so managed to work it out… Here's a grab of the setup that seems to work…
  2. Cloth arbitrary vel field

    Hey, I'm trying to do this too… to use an external velocity field to influence my cloth… If I input the path to my SOP velocity field in the Smoke Object Initial Data Tab and merge that with the Cloth Object, although the vel field gets picked up it's not updating/animating… So I don't understand how to merge an animating external velocity field into a Cloth Object. Would be grateful if anyone can enlighten me on this.
  3. Hey, just setting up Houdini on my iMac and I've immediately run into a problem with the dual screen setup… Firstly, my second screen isn't 5k, and the UI gets scaled really big compared to the main 5k screen. Doesn't this scaling get handled automatically? Is there a fix for this or is it recommended to have two screens running at the same res? This only seems to be happening with Houdini. Secondly, when I click a menu on the second screen, it opens on the other screen… I imagine this is down to the res issue mentioned above, but I am using a Wacom FWIW… Thanks!