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  1. Renderman Mapping

  2. Renderman Mapping

    Hi guys, I'm trying out Renderman and I've been having trouble posting on their forums, so I hope someone with a bit of experience can help me out here. I'm trying to generate texture coordinates from the shader network using a pxrManifold3d node, but I can't seem to be able to give it custom coordinates and "object" coordinates appear to be stretched or projected from only one axis, not as a box but as a plane, what am I not seeing? Also, can I manipulate the uv coords with math nodes? they should be vectors as far as I know. The other question I have is regarding the pxrroundcube node, as far as I can see it is meant to be used with pxrmultitexture, but what about using it for normal maps? I hope someone can help me out with this, I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong but can't figure out what.
  3. Create multiple FEM over time?

    Uff still haven't had the time to check it, I was planning to get into it these hollidays, but being point based, let alone the speed, I'm sure it's worth it just for how intuitive the data management and doing crazy and fun setups must be!
  4. How does Cache in sim works?

    Hi all, I've been doing some FX set ups with pyro and flips and I was wandering if anybody could explain me how not caching the simulations can affect said simulation. let's say that I have a whole set up where I bake the sims after compressing the volumes and simulating, and I want to sim Fire, Smoke, dust, etc on several layers. if I make a ROP network and save to disk from there, does not caching implies it has to resimulate all each time it has to simulate a frame? (I imagine not, but where does it store it then?), let's say I save all the files in the background, this way Houdini assigns a job without waiting for another to finish, If a job gets temporarily suspended, does it has to start from the first frame when it gets resumed, if not, where is the necesary information to resume stored?, is it on the saved .bgeo?, or maybe there is a specific workflow that is already stablished. any light shed into this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Create multiple FEM over time?

    @ParticleSkull Hey Alvaro, thanks for replying, yeah, It would be nice to know exactly what was going on just for knowledge sake, it's been ages since I opened that file, maybe I'll open it again to see if I get an "ahá!" moment.
  6. Create multiple FEM over time?

    Hey guys, hopefully I'm going to revive this thread , I checked @ParticleSkull's scene modified by @KarlRichter, almost all was clear to me but a couple of things on the SOPsolver, the first is; on thee first pointVOP the whole Idea as I understand it is to delete the first sphere so we can check if any of it's points are intersecting the volume, but what are we checking against for all the other spheres? What am I missing there?, my theory is that it does this for each one of the gorups or prims as if they were independent objects, but I'm fairly new to Houdini so I don't know if this is the expected behaviour. The other thing is, I copyed the VOPS to VEX, and the second VOP works great, but on the first one (the one that deletes the sphere), it does not work, it's as if the theory I gave on the previous paragraph just doesn't happen here. I'll attach the file, can anyone please tell me what I am missing? Thank you in advance. PushAgainst_02.hiplc
  7. Art directable flip fluids

    Thanks so much Atom, you are absolutely right!
  8. Art directable flip fluids

    Hi, I'm starting to do some flip fluids and I would like to be able to art direct them better, in the example I've attached, the fluids have a lot of art direction, they don't even collide but move like controlled by blendshapes. I can drive the fluids by custom forces and modify their behavior, but I'm having trouble getting an initial shape like that, with the wide leading end and then a flat stream, can anyone sugest a way to get something similar? thank you in advance. FluidsCollisionRef.mp4