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  1. OK! step 8. I have a way to extract the lowest point and make a new one to be used as the copy stamp position for switching out modular pieces - almost there! The last 4-5 hours or so Ive been banging my head around trying to sort out how to sort these points so they are ALWAYS the lowest in the bottom left corner (when looking from the front) The way in which I would like to do this, and have been searching around an answer for - is to use the sort by vector, and have the vector at 1,1,0 assuming the normal is 0,0,1 How one goes about this though is a complete mystery to me. perhaps packing the pieces, rotating them to 0,0,1 - doing the sort then unpacking and returning the original rotation could be an option? How would one go about this? Otherwise if there is a more elegant solution I would love to know... Thanks BuildingGenerator.hiplc
  2. Thats fantastic thanks @Atom! Im using it now, but am trying to change it so that sections of 1 will show up more often. It seems extremely rare. maybe its just the nature of the algorithm that you get 1's bunched together because they skip past the prims that have already been allocated? On the note of this, how do I go about then detatching the primatives by group? I can easily enough make all new groups using a partition.. but ideally I would want to break off the edges seperately (done using a group by edge angle, step 6 ) then copying that group back to the sectioned prims (step 4) so then i am left with the correct sections, but an attribute on the edge boundaries. Now I am looking to separate all of the different parts by edge and type (1/2/3 width)
  3. Ok, so looks like the trusty facet with cusp polygons enabled gives me the sections! *so simple* Now I am trying to do step 7 - randomly picking pairs and triplets of faces and grouping them, leaving the stragglers as 1x pieces.. any ideas let me know.
  4. Hello, I am relatively new to houdini - I have used it years prior for some things but now I have just acquired an indie license for development of my unreal game. At the moment I am making a building facade system that will place premade modular pieces depending on a few variables. I was hoping that perhaps some guru's could peruse this little plan i have drawn up for how i envision it to work. at the moment I am trying to workout step 4 by using bounding boxes made from the original geo to select the new resampled walls and place them into sections. I want to bound them and in the groupSOP name the sections per iteration of the foreach node they are inside. finding the correct syntax for this has been a problem so any help would be greatly appreciated. Ill be keeping this thread alive over the course of my findings. Cheers Az BuildingGenerator.hiplc