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  1. Sop Solver Dilemma

    Hey guys, I have been struggling with this setup all day. What I am trying to do is blow up this debris from the ground progressively as a trigger goes trough the shattered geo. I created a constraintnetwork and i am disabling some constraints overtime with a sop solver inside the Dop, then i am also trying to update the velocity of each piece that i created in SOP level by calling it with another Sop solver but i can't make it work. I am not sure i am using the sopsolver the right way. I know i am almost there but i think I am hitting a wall. If anyone could help it would bevery much appreciated. SOPsolverPRoblem.hip
  2. Hard Constraint Unknown Behaviour

    Thank You a lot!
  3. Hard Constraint Unknown Behaviour

    Hello everyone, I have been studying Bullet solver and constraints for destructions,and run into some problems with Hard constraints. As you can see from the attached I have 2 main problems: 1. the Hard Constraints are read by the network since it visualizing them but they stretch all the way in a weird manner. Now i searched a lot and only found this thread which i could relate to https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/44390/ . Although it sound like the problem i am having i don't understand what he means by - "if you have deforming rbd where all motion is from deformation then you need to constraint to the actual points and not to the rbd object itself as rbd object is not moving, the link you are seeing is probably just visual line to center of mass" 2. the rbd packed object disappears if i set the "constraint force mixing" paramter on the hard constraint node Any help is much much appreciated Many Thanks FrancescoHC_Problem.hipncHC
  4. Custom Gravity Workflow?

    Thank you as always, Tomas I knew i was messing up the vop :/ Now this works great, but the cubes keep moving weirdly and never seem to stop. What is this due to? i thought that upping the substeps could solve it but it is actually worse and the cubes go crazy. Regarding this "- VOP Force is old and may be slow, in your case when using RBDs consider using POP Force Instead", would it also work with constrained RBD packed objects? Thank you again Frankie
  5. Custom Gravity Workflow?

    Hello everyone, I am trying to achieve a custom gravity force, an inverse radial sort to say which would allow me to attract DOP objects to the walls of an arbitrary geometry, in this case a tubish shape. Until now I could come up with this: - Assigning to the Dop Gravity Force the Normal value of the primitives of the attractor, with a prim function, but it only takes into account the normal of the single primitive specified. - Creating a radial gravity , negate it and make the tube a collider. The problem here is that since the force is applied in every direction, the object get attracted also where there is no geometry and therefore they don't act as if they where dropped on the ground and keep sliding and rolling.(Idea discarded because it would always push in every direction) - Creating a SDF from the geometry and use the volume gradient to create a force that attracts stuff towards it. Here as well the objects keep rolling and seem to be attracted where there is no geometry regarless of how close to the surface i drop them. In this particular case I don't know what is not working, maybe because I am using the volume for generating the force but the surface for collisions? I think I am missing something inside the vopnet. Could someone point me toward the solution? Thank you for you help and sorry for the long reading Attempts attached Custom_Gravity.hip
  6. Overlapping Curves Offset with PointCloud?

    Thank you Konstantin, that get me close. I wanted to to something like that but i didn't know how, i am still pretty new to vex. What if i wanted to animate the curves with a carve and have always the one reaching the other which is already passed, to go over? Also, what if a third line happens to overlap?How to get that to get its P.y to go over both of the previous? Thank you, you help is crucial and appreciated!
  7. Hello everyone, I have banging my head about the following set up: I have many curves overlapping each others and need to offset one of the two at the intersecting points like in the attached. I have tried both with pcfind and pcopen and succeded to find an array of points that represent the intersection areas. The problem now is how do i chose only one of the points in the 'group' and only offset that one in the y axes so to have one curve over the other? Any other easier/faster method would be much appretiated. I also tried to get the intersection points from intersection analysys SOP but it deletes the original geometry and curvesect SOP only seems to work between 2 curves. Thank you very much W OverlappingLines.hip
  8. Deform/Bend curves with radius

    Thank you guys, you are amazing!
  9. Volume Light Error

    Hi guys! Trying to add a volume light to a simple pyro setup this error turn up, do you know anything about it? Thank you in advance
  10. Grid Subdivision Problem

    Hello, i have been encountering this subdivision problem during the modelling process,i tried using edge loops but they won't solve the issue. What i also don't understand is why does it only happen on that particular corner? Thank you for time
  11. Slomo Paint From Speaker fx

    Hi everyone, i am a student and quite new to houdini. I am currently trying to achieve this fx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WKU7gG_ApU#t=3m and since it has to be driven by a particle system i have started with partciles with trail of which i changed the shape but it looks more like a scientific visualization of feertilization than paint ahah! The paint would also have to end up forming a paint ball/blob by the gathering of all the paint streams. I have a few questions: - How can i randomize the shape and the behaviour of the trails to make it look more like the reference? - How can i change only the sape of the first sphere copied onto the first particle of the trail without affectiing the shape of the trail? - How could i intergrate some indipendet/random bubbles of paint popping out of the main streams? I attached hip if you want to take a look Every other suggestion would be much appreciated Many Thanks Paint_test.hipnc