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  1. Grid Subdivision Problem

    Hello, i have been encountering this subdivision problem during the modelling process,i tried using edge loops but they won't solve the issue. What i also don't understand is why does it only happen on that particular corner? Thank you for time
  2. Slomo Paint From Speaker fx

    Hi everyone, i am a student and quite new to houdini. I am currently trying to achieve this fx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WKU7gG_ApU#t=3m and since it has to be driven by a particle system i have started with partciles with trail of which i changed the shape but it looks more like a scientific visualization of feertilization than paint ahah! The paint would also have to end up forming a paint ball/blob by the gathering of all the paint streams. I have a few questions: - How can i randomize the shape and the behaviour of the trails to make it look more like the reference? - How can i change only the sape of the first sphere copied onto the first particle of the trail without affectiing the shape of the trail? - How could i intergrate some indipendet/random bubbles of paint popping out of the main streams? I attached hip if you want to take a look Every other suggestion would be much appreciated Many Thanks Paint_test.hipnc