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  1. Creating bubbling lava

    Ahhhh, okay! I got it. Thanks so much. This is so helpful. I felt like I was getting the hang of some Houdini stuff after my last project but there are just so many components to figure out. Thanks again, man. I really, really appreciate it!
  2. Creating bubbling lava

    Okay, that makes sense! Thank you. You don't have to answer this bit as it's more for my edification than anything else, but what was I doing wrong in my original version in regards to the velocity? Is it not possible to give velocity to a pop node just by having it move via the popnet? Instead you have to use trail? When I tried adding that to my original version (after your first post) that still didn't give it different behavior. I'm just trying to learn from my mistakes here, but there are so many different pieces in Houdini that I'm fuzzy on that it gets a bit easy to get lost.
  3. Creating bubbling lava

    Oh, man, this is wonderful. Thank you so much. I'm going to study what you did to try to figure out why mine wasn't working and yours is just an easy perfect solution. This is great. Thank you again!
  4. Creating bubbling lava

    This is super helpful! You can upload your example file and I can forcibly upgrade to 17.5.391 (the version it was made in was 17.0.352). I've been holding off on doing that mostly out of laziness, so if you have a working copy I'd love to see how you did it, as I've wasted hours and hours trying to get this to work. Honestly thank you again.
  5. Creating bubbling lava

    I'm trying to create a single lava bubble, with the bubble extruding from the lava surface, popping, and then reforming into the base surface. I've got it like 99% there, but I can't get the bubble to actually pop and come apart. I've been struggling with this for a while (I'm a relative Houdini newbie, but not completely so) and would love a bit of help on this last portion of the thing. It's driving me completely crazy. It's the popping and separating / cooling / flying apart part that I'm just completely stumped by. Thanks a bunch everyone. boilingLavaSecondTry05.hiplc