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  1. How to use references properly

    Hey anim, hey noobini. Thanks for the reply (I know it's a little late)! I figured it out myself and yes, while writing the post on top I lagged the understanding that I had to use the set function to declare my vector. But still this became quite fruitful, as I learned today about the different meanings of ' ' and " " which I took for the same until today. - - - And answering my second question here (how to make use of the second input of the wrangle, instead of hardcoding the relativ reference): A simple approach is to take the boundingBoxCenter of the second input: vector inp_boxCenter = getbbox_center(1);
  2. displacement in material builder breaks?

    Answering my own question here. The Network created, when wrapping the nodes in a material builder, includes a property-node for Displacement Bounds. Unfortunately the channel reference for the the displacement bounds does not work on the fly. Solution: you can manually override the Display Bounds or update the reference.
  3. displacement in material builder breaks?

    I'm pretty new to Houdini, and try to understand how shaders work. Here is what I don't get. I have simple yet functioning setup in mat: If I select all the nodes above and collapse them into a material, meaning I create a material builder from them, the displacement is broken. See this screenshot: (left side desired outcome, right side broken material builder) Could somebody enlighten me, what is actually happening here? Looking forward to your answers. daily_20_056_material builder wtf.hipnc
  4. How to use references properly

    I would like to get some basic understanding on how to use attributes, channels, references in vex properly. I'd like to understand in detail why this works: v@planepos = {`chs("../grid1/tx")`, `chs("../grid1/ty")`, `chs("../grid1/tz")`}; While this throws an error on the fourth line: f@planeTx = ch("../grid1/tx"); f@planeTy = ch("../grid1/ty"); f@planeTz = ch("../grid1/tz"); v@planepos = {@planeTx, @planeTy, @planeTz}; And could I avoid the relative references at all? I am aware that the attribute wrangle has some optional inputs, how could I make use of them to achieve the same result as my first example? something like: v@planepos = attrib(1, 'Center')