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  1. Houdini Demoreel

    thanks a lot. i love to see the m&m peacock ad in the demo again.
  2. Houdini Demoreel

    het, does anyone know where i can download the old houdini demo showreel(for houdini 5.5)? Thanks a lot!!
  3. The dirty business behind the graphic cards

    don't understand. not in English...
  4. where to set global illumination?

    thank you very much
  5. Houdini 6 has global illumination in Mantra. but i cannot find the option in mantra's setting. (i am using Houdini 6.0.286 non-commercial) can someone help?
  6. Kent:Environment Model:Pond-Dark-Love

    sorry. i didn't read the rule pdf document and put it in a wrong place. plz delete it
  7. hi. just finished this peaceful image! I love it so much romantic~~ Give me some feedback. thanks
  8. can we append prefix 0s to file name?

    noo.i think i didn't say correctly . sorry all i want to know is that wheter it is possible to save filename like test001.hip, test002.hip, test003.hip ... each time you save your hip file, houdini will do it for you. ( I tired to name the first file test001.hip, but the next time I saved file, the filename was test2.hip, instead of test002.hip)
  9. we all know that we can use $F for padded file name when outputing sequencing images. but, i am wondering whether we can do this for hip filename or not? i tried like "test.$F4.hip" , but the new saved filename still could not append 0 instead of "test.$F5.hip"... can someone explain how? thank you in advance
  10. where are the handles in CHOP editor

    arrr. sorry .just forget my question. i just found that i didn't toggle on a button "Slops and accelaration"
  11. in Houdini 6 CHOP editor, when i want to use "tie/untie selection" to untie two segments then do some adjustment to make them smooth. but the handles don't come up. In houdini 5, it does have those two handles. why? attched image is from houdini 5 when untie selection.
  12. lightning

    i haven't noticed the preset. thanks a lot
  13. how to repeat section with offset

    wow...only "cycle(1,20)"!! what a big improvement for houdini 6 thanks guys