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  1. Particle Exporter for Octane CSV

    it works really good! thank you so much!
  2. Particle Exporter for Octane CSV

    Now, I also found this, made in August 2018, but the scale factor is too small... https://www.orbolt.com/asset/FiftyPercentGray::csv_to_octane::2.0
  3. Particle Exporter for Octane CSV

    Hey manx151089, Thank you so much for the answer! This is super useful! What you are now showing is the answer for a single particle animation exporter, it's great! In fact you showed me how I can import a particle animation in OStandalone, Thanks! What did you use? Python? Does this work in 17? Can this be done in Apprentice? so many questions! Can you share your HDA? Best Manel
  4. Particle Exporter for Octane CSV

    I'll start from here! I was watching python integration with houdini and it is in fact super easy (for an expert :P). This narrows a bit my first incursion in the hou module. Thanks! Best M
  5. Hello everyone, I'm starting with Houdini and Python and I have a doubt which would influence my learning curve significantly. I'd like to know if someone has specific information about reaching the transformation matrix of particles in Houdini - preferably in Python. From the SideFx Python Documentation says it's not yet implemented. I also read somewhere here that it's possible through VOP/VEX. The objective is to make a particle export script from Houdini to Octane's CSV - to adapt Houdini to an existing workflow. This CSV file only has these particle's transform matrix. And it would have to be usable, for example, for 5 million particles. Does anyone has any tips? Or in alternative if someone has this script already, it would be great! I'm not a coder (MaxScript only) and it will take me ages to get it done... Thanks in advance! M