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  1. Wow! Realized there was only one control point in the Bone's geo network... changed my setup to rely on a group of actual surface points on the mesh and the rivet worked great. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Hi there! I've found a lot of topics somewhat talking about this, but haven't been able to get anything working. I am trying to constrain or parent geometry to an animated FBX bone. In my scene, a character emits particles from their mouth, but that animation is at the SOP level. I could use a rivet, but that only tracks the position of the bone, and not the rotation. If I use a Parent Blend constraint at the Object level, nothing from the Sop level animation affects the child. Am I missing something on how parenting works in Houdini? Or perhaps there is a better method to accomplish this kind of constraint relationship? Thanks for any help!