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  1. PolyWire Topology

    I think, you are right about coplanar poly. It will be nice if i could encourage houdini to don't worry about this problem. I need clean quads to next steps( Well, i tried to set upvectors and normals for reference points. But geo is too complicated to figure out it. And it seems that rotation of my tubes is right now.
  2. PolyWire Topology

    Hi. I have another simple question. I try to make L-system-like object. So i have some points with 3 edges. I use polywire to make pipes. But sometimes it makes tris (sometimes quads). I want to control this and get only quads. Is it possible?
  3. RBD intersections

    Ok, i found another simple way that gives me a acceptable result. 1. I have many intersecting clones on a spherical surface. 2. First of all i use toadstorms advice to pushing clones away. i@found_overlap=1 works well. 3. Than i use constraint network with spring constraints to attract them back. It gives me nice and smooth surface with my clones. Early i tried to use force that attracts all clones to the one point and it makes a hump in center of my geometry.
  4. RBD intersections

    And another question. How can i reduce the force that pushes my spheres away only by Z-direction? They must pushes only by XY and not Z.
  5. RBD intersections

    toadstorm, Thank you. It works like a charm.
  6. RBD intersections

    Hi there. I have another question. For example i have some intersecting spheres. I need to push them away to delete intersections (but not far, spheres must keep their positions approx.), and then attract them back. I think the best way is to use RBD. And i know how attract them to point. But i can not get how to push them a little bit?
  7. FBX export

    Hi, there. I have a little issue with FBX export. I made some points with random position and rotation. And i wanna use it like pivots in Unity. First of all i use RBD to FBX rop to separate points. And it works well. For positions, but rotations are zero. For example, when i export to alembic, then from alembic to fbx in cinema, i have right positions and rotations. How could i delete alembic and cinema from my pipe?
  8. Curves intersections

    Hi, there. I found a really good way. Node "intersectionanalysis" does all work for me.
  9. Curves intersections

    Hello, I have a complex structure like a 3D-web (white) and curves(blue) are going through this web. Is there a simple way to move away points on white splines if they are too close to blue? I want to make it without dynamics. Any directions? Thank you.