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  1. RBD intersections

    Ok, i found another simple way that gives me a acceptable result. 1. I have many intersecting clones on a spherical surface. 2. First of all i use toadstorms advice to pushing clones away. i@found_overlap=1 works well. 3. Than i use constraint network with spring constraints to attract them back. It gives me nice and smooth surface with my clones. Early i tried to use force that attracts all clones to the one point and it makes a hump in center of my geometry.
  2. RBD intersections

    And another question. How can i reduce the force that pushes my spheres away only by Z-direction? They must pushes only by XY and not Z.
  3. RBD intersections

    toadstorm, Thank you. It works like a charm.
  4. RBD intersections

    Hi there. I have another question. For example i have some intersecting spheres. I need to push them away to delete intersections (but not far, spheres must keep their positions approx.), and then attract them back. I think the best way is to use RBD. And i know how attract them to point. But i can not get how to push them a little bit?
  5. FBX export

    Hi, there. I have a little issue with FBX export. I made some points with random position and rotation. And i wanna use it like pivots in Unity. First of all i use RBD to FBX rop to separate points. And it works well. For positions, but rotations are zero. For example, when i export to alembic, then from alembic to fbx in cinema, i have right positions and rotations. How could i delete alembic and cinema from my pipe?
  6. Curves intersections

    Hi, there. I found a really good way. Node "intersectionanalysis" does all work for me.
  7. Curves intersections

    Hello, I have a complex structure like a 3D-web (white) and curves(blue) are going through this web. Is there a simple way to move away points on white splines if they are too close to blue? I want to make it without dynamics. Any directions? Thank you.