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  1. HPaste/HCollections

    Hi people! Wanted to share a small pipeline tool that helps much sharing node setups through chats and forums Here it is: https://github.com/pedohorse/hpaste the core is HPaste, when you press the shelf tool or shortcut ( Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C in NodeEditor by default) - it basically saves selected nodes as text, compresses it and uploads to one/several of online anonymous text clipboards, leaving you with a fancy small link, like this W4a2yx8TSvsQUdcO@WePaste in the clipboard, that you can paste in any messenger. Oh, and by default it also transfers nonstandard HDAs within the snippet. The one who received the link has just to copy it to his clipboard and wither press "HPasteWeb" on the shelf, or, much more convenient, press the shortcut ( Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V in NodeEditor by default) The links are expiring according to the web clipboard server's rules, that makes it useless to store these links for more than a week or two though. Here's a bit more text about it http://cgallin.blogspot.ca/2017/09/hpaste.html http://cgallin.blogspot.ca/2018/02/hpaste-update.html The HCollections is an extention of HPaste, it allows you to save your favorite node snippets into your github account (you just need to create an empty account if you don't have one) and have access to them through an analogue of the Tab menu. Also it allows you to create public items that anyone who add your collection(account name) to their list, will be able to access. You can change the access type any time as well. very handy to keep all your presets (and hdas as well, since they are stored within the snippet) in a "cloud". Here's an "article" about it with pictures http://cgallin.blogspot.ca/2018/01/hcollections.html I have a little plan where to develop this stuff: adding categories/subfolders for items, adding an easy way to temporary enable/disable some public collections , stuff like that. So I'm interested to know what do you think, shall i continue with it, or it needs much changes or what? I know some people found it very useful, but i'm still not sure it's fulfilling the public needs.
  2. Inside DOP cluster grid source

    a really quick mod to your setup ( i broke some things as well ). now emit points are actually created by impact points, and every new bounce create a new smoke object. as i told you on vimeo - it's very easy to instantiate smoke objects from impact points, for example, through a sopnet (though it's not an ideal approach, more like less invasive) elaborating on this idea - you can generate creation_time+ptnum hash from impact point, store it on container and particles to emit smoke just from particles from impact that generated smoke object, yet not having to spawn new particle objects (yet that would be another way, but you will still have to somehow keep track of which smoke object correspond to which particle object.) Overall for my taste - the setup is dirty and overcomplicated, extra objects here and there, everything is a mutual affector for everything, custom resize solver that doesn't do better than standard one (btw, you did not include hda for that) don't understand the reason for so much "custom" subnetworks - you even recreate default smoke fields and their visualizers for some reason ) I would suggest you keeping things really simple since your goal is not making a perfect curls on the smoke there, but exploring the possibility of solvers' interconnections and general dop workflow. in_dop_clustering_help_mod.hipnc