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  1. Procedural Rose

    Hi guys. Recently i saw this two video, and i was blown away. Any clue on how to make something similar ?
  2. Procedural Rose

    Thank you guys so much.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm trying to make kind of greeble tool, but i want cuts to be strict horizontaly. It's looks fine when i do one pass [], but with more then one iteration it gets really weird[]. And i assume why it does that - because it doesn't know where to make correct verticies, so that points can connect, but i don't really know how to solve. Anyone have an idead ? UPD: I figured it out, but i would still love to hear your ideas
  4. horizontaly strict subdivisions

    Thanks for reply. Yup, i could. But i don't think that would work for non planar geometry, so yeah. Here's my result, btw..
  5. step function from glsl

    Could you give me example on how it works? UPD: I got it) Thanks
  6. step function from glsl

    Hi everyone! In GLSL they use this function called "step" that generates a step function by comparing two values. Is there any alternatives in vex ?
  7. Sierpiński triangle with VEX

    Cool. I changed the code that you gave me and made this, it's almost the same. sierpinski.hip
  8. Sierpiński triangle with VEX

    Hi guys. How you would go about creating Sierpiński triangle with VEX? I've tried to do it myself, but failed. I've only started learning VEX, before i was only doing basic stuff with it.
  9. Sierpiński triangle with VEX

    Thank you for sharing)
  10. Sierpiński triangle with VEX

    Thank you so much.
  11. Sierpiński triangle with VEX

    Thank you for your reply. This is quite interesting approach, but it's really confusing to be honest. I found this page https://sdm.scad.edu/faculty/mkesson/tech312/wip/winter18/meredith_omalley/sierpinski/index.html , and right now trying to adopt the code for VEX. Do you think it will work out ?
  12. Thank you so much! That's exactly what i needed
  13. Hi guys. Is theres any way to proceduraly select points which has more than 3 primitive connected to it ?