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  1. bend a line or stick

    youre right - not so long - good use of expressions but why is it that the opposite sides of the tube seem to bend differently ? possibly because the bend applies differently to points that are different distances from the origin
  2. feedback loop in COPS

    i heard that some kind of scripting will get you through the hoops of loading an image from disk and recursively applying your COPS filter to it... you can see some reuslts from a working HDA i used on this youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1MH9uLcGJI unfortunately i dont recall exactly how it was made
  3. Homeless man (mild nudity)

    looking good ! keep going ! did you see the thread "crossing the uncanny valley" on CG society's boards ?
  4. Procedurally generated spiders

    cool ! i dig spiders. I want to see a hoard of different ones running and jumping over each other !
  5. not sure about that - but i was once in an environment where they set up hotkeys for new artists - so if the artist hit F12 - the SOP called 'OUT' was set to display and the SOP called 'RENDER' -(nulls) was set to render. done with the opset command in HScript ie opset -d on /obj/geo1/null* this could be looped over the whole scene or in a certain context. not sure how the hotkey was linked to the HScript - but im sure its possible. *EDIT* ok - i made a new shelf tool with the opset script in there, made sure the script was set to Hscript instead of pthon - and assigned a hot key to it in the shelf tool options.
  6. Open up cracks using Voronoi

    im not sure if this is what you want...its kind of a hack.. but recently i was doing something similar... I had my 2D ground - pre-fractured with the voronoi fracture tool. I then used a smooth SOP to relax all the cracks - widening them a bit. - i used a blendshape to control exactly how much i wanted to widen them. i then just used attribute transfer to locally blend between my grid with invisible 'micro' cracks - and the grid with larger visible cracks. The attribute transfer was driven with a seperate object - in my case a boulder rolling along the ground from a DOPS sim - run Indy run ! i did have some accuracy problems with Att transfer - maybe due to the size of the cracked mesh - i think it was in the tens of thousands of tris. then i added poly extrude after the fact to get a 3rd dimension. so now im looking in to other methods - but for simpler examples - this may work well ? heres a little mpg of the effect: http://houdiniadventures.blogspot.com/2011/02/procedural-cracking.html dan p
  7. houdini 11 vs. houdini 9.5

    Ive still not found an easy way to get render times for a single frame. ive heard people talk about python pre-frame and post frame scripts - but i dont know python... though that shouldnt be too hard... last time i looked at the finished rendered bitmap's creation time and compared it to the next bitmaps creation time ...eech !
  8. check out the videos ! i think RT shadows are causing your long render times...the tuts ive seen instruct on using shadow maps...
  9. De-Subdivide

    bit of a late post, but Rob Kelly nutted this out for me. unsubdivided_example.hipnc

    not much activity here ... ? here's a challenge ! the mouth of Sauron - ie LOTR ! or one of those sphere that he can see through....one of my favorite effects from the LOTR movies.
  11. Pyro FX Render

    i can see something... it looks like you just need to boost your levels...maybe add it to itself in AE and see what happens ? i had to do the same with rendering pyro moke in Houdini and viewing in my COPS comp.
  12. Pyro FX Render

    did you try adjusting gamma - i remember in one of the tuts - they talk about viewing pryo fx with a gamma of 2.2 ?
  13. Copy SOP problem

    well now that weve all opened this thread.....what was the problem ?
  14. retiming FBX

    im pretty sure time shift is what you want - maybe you have to get your animation in SOP level somehow...object merge ?
  15. render artifact ?

    fantasmagorical ! RT rendering worked for me too ! Peter - you've saved the day ! cheers !