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  1. TOPs Feedback Loop

    thanks Johannes I am just practising ü What I was hoping for is some idea of how to set up the example above in Tops using a feedback loop? I'm new to the concept so I'm just trying to understand how I can use these loops in 17.5 cheers S
  2. Hi there, I found exactly what I'm trying to achieve in the Houdini docs but no step by step guide how to achieve this: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/tops/looping.html "Imagine an RBD simulation where a jar is being filled with marbles, one handful at a time. The entire process could be run as a single simulation, however marbles at the bottom of the jar might become unstable and the numbered of simulated objects would keep growing. One way to manage this is to run the RBD simulation for the first handful of marbles and use its results as a static object in the second simulation. The result of the second sim and first sim combined would be static objects in the third sim, and so on. You can do this in TOPs using a feedback loop with a ROP Geometry in the loop block" can anyone shed some light on this please? cheers S
  3. Drip & Bake tips

    Hi, I'm a noob but have managed to replicate the drip effect I'm after, working off Dave Stewart's very generous file for creating dripping wax. I've managed to do it in very awkward time consuming way and wondered if anyone had any tips for me to streamline this work flow? Currently I activate the flip for 24 frames then deactivate for 24 frames until the drip comes to rest, I then preview this sim into my cache. I then bake these frames to filecache then bring the last frame back in with a file node to use as a static object. I move my keyframes for activation forward 48 frames and run the whole thing again. I've looked into Initial States but can get my head around how to automate this in a chain of successions where the file bakes and then inserts itself into the sim before starting the next set of 48 frames. I hope that makes sense, apologies if my terminology is off. thanks Simon rod.hiplc
  4. Hi! I'm pretty new to Houdini but am really interested in using it to form the basis of an sculpture/design tool for real world object creation. I've been working through the amazing tutorials/files of Ben Watts and recently Dave Stewart but have hit a road block. Using Dave Stewart's .hipnc file, I'm dripping a liquid (wax) which hardens on impact with a static object, the emitter activates moves and deactivates every 48 frames but currently I can't get past 5 drips before the sim starts nearly doubling in time per frame. (granted I'm using a 2018 15" Macbook Pro which I'm looking to add an egpu) Frame 190: 5min Frame 200: 10mins Frame 210: 30mins Frame 220: 120mins My question is can I 'freeze' each of the drops so they're not being calculated every time? So once each droplet hits the static object it becomes a static object itself. Ultimately I'm wanting to create hundreds of droplets much like a stalactite but at this rate it might be faster to do it for real :| Dave's link below: drive.google.com/open?id=0B4ni3j-ZLbj5Y1o4NEdqZDczZjA Many thanks in advance Simon