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  1. Pyro FX color issue

    Hi, I want to have color to my Pyro smoke but i tried many ways and the smoke color is coming to black can anyone help me with this? ABC_export.abc PyroFX_V014.hipnc
  2. Hey please ignore the previous file, here's the new one where is exactly tried what you told PyroFX_V014.hipnc
  3. Hi, I was referring to this topic and i am posting my file my color source is not showing up for the fluid source Cd can you please tell me whats wrong. PyroFX_V013.hipnc ABC_export.abc
  4. Houdini Geometery issue

    Hi, I am trying to add Voronoi fracture to an outer wall geometry but the geometry pieces are transforming, this operation i am doing inside the fracture node. I am attaching my file, Can anyone please tell me the solution for this one? I even tried exporting the Geo to alembic and bringing it back in houdini but it didn't work. Shot_01_Sim_V005.hipnc