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  1. Multiple objects (individually editable) on a curve

    I found a solution ExampleSpiral.hip
  2. Hello, I'm trying to duplicate objects (spirals) along a curve. I created two for-each cycles: 1- to move objects along curve 2- to duplicate object parameters. The first cycle is correct, but the second cycle does not work properly. I can't understand how to give the possibility to modify the individual parameters of the spirals (radius, loop, height, etc.) for each object created. Can someone help me? In the Edit Operator Type Properties I added a Multiparam Block (list) with: Position on curve (for first for-each) and Height (for second for-each).At the moment when I add for example two spirals only a heigh value works, modifying both spirals and not the specific one. ExampleSpiral.hip ExampleSpiral.hda
  3. Hi everyone! I'm trying to create a Tool with Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine 4. I want to create a spline on which points I can place different meshes. For example: procedural loop shapes, twist shapes, banking etc. (like a rollercoaster). Could anyone give me some advice on how to do it? Or send me a tutorial about it? My goal is to create a Tool that allows me to create multiple splines in Unreal and attach them to one another in order to create a single track. How can I set the Tool to combine each spline into a track every time in new "pice" is created and still be able to edit that single piece? I'd like to create a button that allows me to create new curves in Unreal ad a part of the Digital Asset and then edit those curves as described this? Do you think is possible or there's better way to accomplish this? In Houdini I created a procedural curve(where I can set banking) and another curve(where I can set loop shapes) that it is attached to the last point of the first curve. But, I don't know how I can create this tool in Houdini to create this track in Unreal and continue to add new procedural curves after and blend them. I have attached what I created in Houdini and imported into Unreal with Houdini Engine.
  4. Hi, I'm creating a Fluid Simulation with a FLIP TANK(in Houdini 17.0.416), to be transformed into a mesh (export.FBX) and imported into Unreal Engine 4, through Vertex Animation Texture. I would like to apply a color/diffuse texture in Unreal, but I can't export the animated mesh UV. Could someone tell me if it's possible and if affirmative how should I set the export UV settings?
  5. Animated Impostors

    Good Job! Can I ask you if you can attach an example Houdini file?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to create a terrain, which I will probably export as .hda in UE4. At the moment I want to apply a material to this heightfield, where for each layer mask I want to apply textures and additive color layers, or more materials with relative textures for each mask (for example. slope mask-> material with texture1(base color, specular, roughness), curvature mask -> material2 with texture2(base color, specular, roughness) etc...). I tried to: - use the heightfield_quickshade node, but it allows me to add only four textures; I tryed to create two heightfield_quickshade node but I can't merge these nodes; - use more materials but I don't know to associate them all at the same heightfield; Can someone help me to understand or give an example of how I can associate these masks with more than four textures which include(specular, roughness, normal...) and in case other masks as additive color layers, please? I attached my file Heightfield_UE4.hipnc
  7. Terrain .hda Unreal to Houdini

    Thank you very much. The problem was probably due to the settings in Unreal, now it works
  8. Terrain .hda Unreal to Houdini

  9. Terrain .hda Unreal to Houdini

    I write you steps I've done. I created a .hip file and its digital asset .hda. in windows-> Houdini engine Debugger I tried to start debugger both as TCP Port as Named Pipe; - I esported digital asset .hda from Houdini to Unreal - In Unreal I went to Edit -> Project Settings -> Plugins -> Houdini engine -> session and I tried to start the “session type” both as “TCP Socket as Named Pipe or domain socket” on port 9090; Now I can't see the changes between file .hip open in Houdini and file with changes made in Unreal. Did I forget a few passes? if I can later I'll attach a video.
  10. Terrain .hda Unreal to Houdini

    Hi! Thanks for your answer. I tried to use your method, but I still do not succeed. Can you give me an example to proceed? Expecialy in Unreal Engine4. In Houdini I activated Houdini Engine Debugger.
  11. Hi! It's my first work with Houdini Engine to Unreal. I created a terrain in Houdini, saved digital asset .hda and I imported it into UE4. Now, I wold like to know if I can save the changes made on Landscape in Unreal (ex. sculpt, Landscape spline for road...) in the .hda file and review them in Houdini. If it's possible, someone can help me to understand how I can do it? Thanks.