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  1. Create a Trail explosion in Houdini 17.5

    It looks like quite a lot is happening in this picture. Shelf tools are a good starting point, there's an 'explosion' preset which shows you how the new h17 source nodes connect up. Your best bet would be to drive custom velocities with particles or geo to get the main shapes into the simulation. There's loads of free tuts knocking about. Good luck!

    I know there are 101 factors at play with Hqueue and diagnosing problems from random scrawlings without system/scene info is generally not that feasible but I'm hoping this error message will jog someones memory. "mantra: Error writing data to image device" basically jobs on the hqueue farm seem to intermittently stall with this error "mantra: Error writing data to image device" If i reset the hqclientd.bat on client machines, then a few frames will get rendered but eventually one will stall followed by the rest with the same error. Everyone is admin, ports all open, no files to overwrite. A permission element i've overlooked somewhere(which would make sense given my first unresolved first post issue)? drive bandwith limit/?, (I'm not a tech guy, i prefer moving points around with vex ) (On Windows 7) I'll keep digging..

    Hello, I've setup a hqueue farm across several machines with a shared drive. Almost everything seems to be working now (had lot's of intermittent issues, with jobs not making it to hqueue and 0%progress fails[think perhaps there was a license conflict]) Anyway, current problem is that I am unable to overwrite dependencies in the shared folder when I resubmit the hqrender node. As far as I can tell there are no permission issues and the files are not being used. I can read/delete/edit these files no problem from any of my clients/server machines(also fine/not corrupt in local directory). Any thoughts? log below OUTPUT LOG ......................... 00:00:00 144MB | [rop_operators] Registering operators ... 00:00:00 145MB | [rop_operators] operator registration done. 00:00:00 170MB | [vop_shaders] Registering shaders ... 00:00:00 172MB | [vop_shaders] shader registration done. 00:00:00 172MB | [htoa_op] End registration. 00:00:00 172MB | 00:00:00 172MB | releasing resources 00:00:00 172MB | Arnold shutdown Loading .hip file \\\Cache/projects/testSubmit-2_deletenoChace_2.hip. PROGRESS: 0%ERROR: The attempted operation failed. Error: Unable to save geometry for: /obj/sphere1/file1 SOP Error: Unable to read file "//". GeometryIO[hjson]: Unable to open file '//' Backend IO Thanks in advance
  4. previs large explosion scenes

    What is the general approach to blocking out and timing previz for large multi explosion effects(with RB debris). I'm hesitant to jump into pyro until I have a rough idea of size/amount/speed/variety. I'm considering just animating primitives with changing colours and getting these signed off first, but I'm worried the decision makers won't be able to see past simple geometry references. I guess studios have stockpiles of explosion assets they can work with. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks James
  5. Hello, New houdini user here.. hope you can help. I'm trying to use the Arnold utility node to query light levels on an object so i can drive the emission on a standard_volume shader. The utility node with 'color, lambert' into a standard surface seems to work fine but if i try and use a standard_volume and render a volume from my geo through Arnold, the utility node doesn't seem to work. Am i being naive trying to query light from a volume? ta Jam