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  1. FLIP - Spreading Bloodstain

    Hi, I'm working on a bloostain, that shall diffuse/expand over 450 frames to fill up the whole frame in the end (to be used as a kind of 2d transition effect later on) I was able to do a nifty flip sim, but in the end it wasn't behaving like blood at all. To get more of that blood-like rolling diffusion effect, I tried to introduce some viscosity. But with viscosity on, the stain isn't moving anymore. (The bloodstain should already be there, so no dripping & dropping, only expansion in x and z) Tried different viscosity-values, played around with friction and vel as well, still no luck. I think some viscosity could help here, so can someone point the right direction to get it to work? I`ll attach my tries thanks in advance Houdini-Bloodstain.zip
  2. Vellum - Breaking / Shedding Hair

    wow thank you, it's so easy sometimes; but it would have never occurred to me to do this Good thing is: animating the breaking threshold in the solver is still working, nice. I just hope I can transfer this technique to my actual geo, but so far good work and cheers
  3. Vellum - Breaking / Shedding Hair

    Hello again, as I couldn't figure out how to transfer the guide hair to the actual hairgen with the breaking activated, I tried doing the vellum sim right after the hair generation itself. This is indeed working but comes with a slight issue. As you can see, most of the hair is falling down as expected but some haitstrings stay attached to the surface. I really have no clue why this is happening at all as all of the hair should break with a threshold of 0. Please have a look at the right branch of my file. Any help is much appreciated. Test_Vellum_Groom_simple_hair_drop.hiplc
  4. Vellum - Breaking / Shedding Hair

    Hello everyone, I've a project where i want to simulate some hair with vellum. The hair should break and fall to the ground over time but i can't get it to work properly. As you can see in my simple example, the breaking is working for the guide hair just fine but resulting in a misbehavior when it comes to hairgeneration itself. The vellum sim is somehow not correctly transferred, resulting in the hair just dissolving... I tried a vellum hair sim without the breaking before and it is just working fine, so i really don't know where the error comes from. I attached a simple example of what i tried; any help is much appreciated Test_Vellum_Groom_simple_hair_drop.hiplc
  5. Vellum - Match Animation & Gravity

    Hello everyone, I'm currently playing around with vellum and came across an issue I'm not able to solve alone. Some Grids are falling on a collider and should be pulled in different directions at a certain frame. When the pressure is to high, they should tear apart but thats hopefully an easy thing with “weld points” and edge fracture. The main problem is the animation: As soon as I tell the vellum constraint to match animation, I get my animation, but no gravity and vice versa. So how do I get both, animation and gravitation? As an additional question: how can I give the vellum object an initial frame; so I can kind of skip the falling down part and start right away with the animation. Thanks in Advance Vellum Test.hip
  6. Slight Seams in Fracture

    Hello everyone, I'm currently playing around with a Sphere breaking through a wall; quite a simple setup but when it comes to rendering out, I'm noticing some small seams around my fractured area. As I'm not able to figure this out, I'm asking the community for some help or a hint in the right direction. thanks Using Rigid Body Dynamics.hip