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  1. Vellum - Match Animation & Gravity

    Hello everyone, I'm currently playing around with vellum and came across an issue I'm not able to solve alone. Some Grids are falling on a collider and should be pulled in different directions at a certain frame. When the pressure is to high, they should tear apart but thats hopefully an easy thing with “weld points” and edge fracture. The main problem is the animation: As soon as I tell the vellum constraint to match animation, I get my animation, but no gravity and vice versa. So how do I get both, animation and gravitation? As an additional question: how can I give the vellum object an initial frame; so I can kind of skip the falling down part and start right away with the animation. Thanks in Advance Vellum Test.hip
  2. Slight Seams in Fracture

    Hello everyone, I'm currently playing around with a Sphere breaking through a wall; quite a simple setup but when it comes to rendering out, I'm noticing some small seams around my fractured area. As I'm not able to figure this out, I'm asking the community for some help or a hint in the right direction. thanks Using Rigid Body Dynamics.hip