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  1. Karma benchmark

    It's not out yet, but as soon as H18 is available, hopefully someone will do some comparison tests. I am curious about comparisons with Arnold, Mantra, and V-Ray.
  2. Optimizing Smoke SIMs

    You might consider an UpRez technique like this:
  3. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Ok, I'll play. I'd love to see a 3D Camera Tracker/Solver as well as proper support for playback of Quicktime and DNxHD files right into the viewport. Blender has it, C4D has it, shouldn't Houdini have it too? I know that this is the type of specialized tool that is typically done by a 3rd party app like SynthEyes or PFTrack, but having a way to track basic video right into Houdini would be a time saver, particularly for not overly challenging situations. Anyway, I want it...so there!
  4. SideFX is Cracking!

    What is going on here? The mystery deepens!!!
  5. Science Experiements and how to avoid them.

    Kleer, you have reached this conclusion, but I think it takes actual experience to be able to make that determination. When you say you should have mastered this earlier in your career exemplifies exactly why you couldn't at that stage, and why most beginners will not be able to apply your point of view until they get more mileage. I will go as far as saying that a good artist knows exactly where to put the most attention and detail, and where to leave it off. This is quite apparent with Renaissance painters. I think of VFX in the same way that I think about magic tricks, it's more about set up, distractions and (sometimes quite literally) smoke and mirrors than it is about the actual trick.
  6. EmberGen pyro real-time engine

    Looks awesome, this type of technology can't get here fast enough. Sorry to anyone who feels that their jobs are threatened.
  7. Direct Modeling HDA

    I admit I am more than a little confused myself. I did buy DM 1.0 under the assumption that it came with a free upgrade to 2.0 (which at the time was supposed to arrive at any moment). Then, after what felt like almost a year or "it's coming very soon" version 1.5 popped up, and then practically daily updates, sometimes even twice in a single day which made the whole thing seem even stranger. Then, all of a sudden I get an e-mail announcing 2.0, but only offering a discount and not a free upgrade. Perhaps Alexey's mistake was not to name 1.5 actually 2.0, and then name this new version 2.5 or 3.0. I dunno, it's all very strange that's all. Personally I am not terribly mad, as a matter of fact I just wish there were more tutorials available rather than added functionality. The only thing that would make me upset is if 1.5 ends up not working with H18, and then we're stuck having to pay an extra $100 just to gain compatibility.
  8. Solaris Reveal

    Exactly, that's the way I interpreted it speaking with the demo guys at Siggraph. Basically we're seeing a transformation of the /obj context from a geometry AND scene building context to predominantly a geometry building and animation context. The idea that I can work on my assets in /obj, do all my texturing, animation etc. there, and then jump into LOPS to bring everything together and work in a very optimized way makes 100% sense and I'm glad that Solaris isn't a separate application which would negate most of the benefits of the workflow that H18 is proposing. What we are witnessing is SideFX re-inventing VFX and CGI as we know it. While Maxon is busy improving bevels, and Autodesk is busy revealing their version of the Houdini Indie license, SideFX is completely re-imagining the CG pipeline with PDG earlier this year, and Solaris in a couple of months. Most people won't even quite realize what is happening until in a couple of years it will all click into place (perhaps with some yet undisclosed newer SideFX offerings that they're probably busy preparing right now). It's like a very clever Chess strategy, with seemingly unrelated moves that ultimately come together beautifully and check mate the competition. Watch and see....
  9. Wrangle library

    I made a short tutorial for this and a couple of other methods:
  10. Houdini 4D

    I think proceduralism can be overrated depending on someone's day-to-day workflow. Maya isn't procedural either but it is used constantly on major productions. I think for some people, the procedural nature of Houdini can be a life saver and absolute must-have; but for many it's not nearly as critical of a factor. For me, my biggest gripe (and why ultimately I gave C4D the finger), is the particles system firmly stuck in 2004, and absolutely no built-in fluids/FX. For the price that they ask for for Studio, it's insane that they expect people to fork out another chunk of serious dough for X-Particles and whatever Turbulence FD and Realflow go for nowadays.
  11. I wanted to share a music video that I directed with a bunch of CGI that I did in Houdini and rendered with Redshift. The concept is based on the idea of a future where a sort of Turing test is administered to humans as opposed to the other way around. Most of the compositing was done as a combination of Aftereffects, Fusion and Resolve. We shot the footage against green screen and then created all of the CGI assets for the environment through a mix of modeling and kit bashing. There is a brief behind-the-scenes video link in the description. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!
  12. What do you mean "it doesn't work properly" exactly? I've been using it for a huge project (over 200 vex shots) that I just finished and it worked pretty flawlessly for me.
  13. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    How about a progress bar when Houdini is performing some sort of calculation? I'm sitting here for over an hour waiting for Houdini to calculate a Boolean shatter, and I have no idea if it's literally 30 seconds away from finishing or 30 hours. I guess maybe this is an instance where PDG would help?
  14. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    This just in from Chris McSpurren: "Hidey ho! The Houdini 17.0 Production Build has been updated to 17.0.506. This will be the last production build for Houdini 17.0. (Because something else is coming soon) Enjoy!" Exciting!!!
  15. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    "LOPS (Project Solaris) Major new architecture, busy developing in R&D. Architecture that goes straight to the heart of lighting and rendering. And in one big swoop, takes Houdini's proceduralism, combines it with GPU accelerated workflows across the board. Dedicated artist workflows, and it weaves all that into a live and native USD core. But that is a story for another day." Sounds cool, I hope they'll add some more info at this new presentation, even if it doesn't sound like it'll be ready for quite some time. GPU rendering is here to stay for sure.