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  1. I wanted to share a music video that I directed with a bunch of CGI that I did in Houdini and rendered with Redshift. The concept is based on the idea of a future where a sort of Turing test is administered to humans as opposed to the other way around. Most of the compositing was done as a combination of Aftereffects, Fusion and Resolve. We shot the footage against green screen and then created all of the CGI assets for the environment through a mix of modeling and kit bashing. There is a brief behind-the-scenes video link in the description. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!
  2. What do you mean "it doesn't work properly" exactly? I've been using it for a huge project (over 200 vex shots) that I just finished and it worked pretty flawlessly for me.
  3. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    How about a progress bar when Houdini is performing some sort of calculation? I'm sitting here for over an hour waiting for Houdini to calculate a Boolean shatter, and I have no idea if it's literally 30 seconds away from finishing or 30 hours. I guess maybe this is an instance where PDG would help?
  4. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    This just in from Chris McSpurren: "Hidey ho! The Houdini 17.0 Production Build has been updated to 17.0.506. This will be the last production build for Houdini 17.0. (Because something else is coming soon) Enjoy!" Exciting!!!
  5. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    "LOPS (Project Solaris) Major new architecture, busy developing in R&D. Architecture that goes straight to the heart of lighting and rendering. And in one big swoop, takes Houdini's proceduralism, combines it with GPU accelerated workflows across the board. Dedicated artist workflows, and it weaves all that into a live and native USD core. But that is a story for another day." Sounds cool, I hope they'll add some more info at this new presentation, even if it doesn't sound like it'll be ready for quite some time. GPU rendering is here to stay for sure.
  6. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    Do you know if Renderman is strictly CPU based, or does it leverage the GPU as well?
  7. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    Maybe they're hoping for a surprise announcement on the actual release? I dunno, I'm surprised as well.
  8. Redshift Proxy Workflow in Houdini

    Tim, I would highly recommend that instead of here or FB, you post this question on the Redshift forum under the Houdini Bugs section (even though it's not a bug). Juanjo is highly knowledgeable of Redshift in Houdini and he's always replying within minutes. I'm looking for the official answer as well since I'm all about optimizing Redshift renders! P.S. Welcome to the Redshift family, hopefully you like it and stick with it, and hopefully you'll consider doing some of your tutorials using Redshift as the rendering engine!
  9. UV problems

    Take a look at this, maybe all you need is a Rest attribute? http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Rest_Attrib
  10. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    I think they're planning to sleep on Monday, February 18th. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/61156/
  11. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    So is this actually true, or someone's weird idea of an early April Fool's joke? Reading the invite, I would say that this: "Procedural Dependency Graph – designed for the scaling, automation, and analysis of CG/FX pipelines." Sounds a lot like the rumored TOPs: "Task nodes (TOPs) let you build a high-level network that describes “things to do”, or _tasks_, and _dependencies_ between the things to do. From this network, Houdini can generate a _task graph_ of all the tasks and their dependencies. Then a _scheduler_ can schedule them up run in parallel locally in a process queue, or on a server farm."
  12. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    Link? SideFX's Twitter feed doesn't have any such post, and neither does their Facebook page.
  13. I just started using Substance Painter and I quite like it a lot. I'm currently using the 30 day demo...so my question is -- at the end of the demo should I buy it or should I hold off to wait and see what Adobe does with it?
  14. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Perhaps I'm optimistic in saying that I hope they bring this out in 17.5 maybe in the first quarter of 2019, but I'm really eager for them to let the cat out of the bag regarding the hinted-at GPU renderer. Redshift sometimes requires me to jump through a number of hoops to get things to look the way they're supposed to in Houdini. If a Mantra GPU engine is even remotely in the same speed ballpark as Redshift, I would probably go back to Mantra!
  15. Houdini 17 Launch Event

    Anybody there willing to give us a play-by-play as the announcement is happening right now?