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  1. UV problems

    Take a look at this, maybe all you need is a Rest attribute? http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Rest_Attrib
  2. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    I think they're planning to sleep on Monday, February 18th. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/61156/
  3. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    So is this actually true, or someone's weird idea of an early April Fool's joke? Reading the invite, I would say that this: "Procedural Dependency Graph – designed for the scaling, automation, and analysis of CG/FX pipelines." Sounds a lot like the rumored TOPs: "Task nodes (TOPs) let you build a high-level network that describes “things to do”, or _tasks_, and _dependencies_ between the things to do. From this network, Houdini can generate a _task graph_ of all the tasks and their dependencies. Then a _scheduler_ can schedule them up run in parallel locally in a process queue, or on a server farm."
  4. H17.5 Launch Event March 7

    Link? SideFX's Twitter feed doesn't have any such post, and neither does their Facebook page.
  5. I just started using Substance Painter and I quite like it a lot. I'm currently using the 30 day demo...so my question is -- at the end of the demo should I buy it or should I hold off to wait and see what Adobe does with it?
  6. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Perhaps I'm optimistic in saying that I hope they bring this out in 17.5 maybe in the first quarter of 2019, but I'm really eager for them to let the cat out of the bag regarding the hinted-at GPU renderer. Redshift sometimes requires me to jump through a number of hoops to get things to look the way they're supposed to in Houdini. If a Mantra GPU engine is even remotely in the same speed ballpark as Redshift, I would probably go back to Mantra!
  7. Houdini 17 Launch Event

    Anybody there willing to give us a play-by-play as the announcement is happening right now?
  8. Houdini 17 Sneak Peak

    Sneak peek looks interesting. I'm looking forward to more details, particularly as it relates to modeling enhancements which, at the moment, it's Houdini's weak spot. The new Terrain stuff looks interesting since I've been dealing with terrains quite a bit lately, but it's not like the current terrain tools were not good. Anyway, it seems to me like there will be lots of things for everyone, so that's a good thing!

    My understanding is that it was all done using DAZ3D!
  10. Fusion vs Nuke

    Yeah, I don't doubt that. The question is whether the standalone and the Resolve one will keep up version parity or not. Already the Resolve Fusion is able to do things that the standalone can't do, so I'm curious as to BMD's commitment to updating the standalone as well. An ideal solution for me would be to have a workflow where a user can open Fusion standalone, do what they need to do, and then import the Fusion file into Resolve as if it was any other clip, and integrate it into the timeline as needed, while still having full access to the nodes within Resolve. I think that would be an awesome way to work.
  11. Fusion vs Nuke

    There is something to be said about doing post in a completely different app. For me it refocuses my attention on that part of the process, vs. tempting me to go in and continue to tweak the animation, lighting etc. Back to the OP, I use Fusion for several reasons, including the fact that for me as a filmmaker, the DaVinci Resolve integration is very compelling. Having said that, I would hold off and see what happens at Siggraph in a couple of weeks. I really don't know what Blackmagic's long term plans are for Fusion, and I'm hoping for more clarity depending on their actions at Siggraph.
  12. Direct modeling HDA

    I agree. I bought it recently and I'm waiting for a more straightforward way to learn it. With some guesswork, one can achieve some good results, but a tool this deep and complex needs a proper way of learning it. Contrast and compare it to MOPs who provided an easy to follow series of quick tutorials on each of the modules. Alexey is obviously a very smart guy, but if he could find a way to create spoken, easy to follow tutorials, perhaps with the help of a friend, he could capitalize on his creation a lot more. For the time being, I would even be happy with a non-sped-up version of his Vimeo overviews. Unlike YouTube, there is no way to slow down the playback of Vimeo videos as far as I can tell.
  13. Could also come in really handy for creating objects covered in snow.
  14. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Just to throw my $.02 — I wish Houdini documents had a similar preview graphic as C4D documents do. It can be a huge time saver when trying to figure out which file is which. This is what it looks like in OS X, I assume C4D for Windows creates a similar preview but I'm not sure:
  15. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    Why should SESI invest any more resources into faster rendering when there are already fantastic solutions like Redshift, Octane and Arnold available?
  16. How is this effect made?

    You might be able to use MOPs for this. The Explode modifier, with a shape falloff affecting a Transform modifier which acts on the individual primitive rotations.
  17. Pyro Emit Smoke Problem

    At the risk of stating the obvious, could you keyframe the parameters so that the smoke is transparent during the burn portion of the explosion, and then thickens once the fire burns through the fuel?
  18. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    Good point about fonts! I think MOPS is a game-changer for many of us coming from C4D who are used to a pretty intuitive and quick way to have access to fall-offs, randomization, and various motion effects. To many of us VEX can be beyond intimidating and a downright deal breaker (I personally know quite a few friends who decided to stick to C4D due to their aversion for typing any code). MOPS changes all of that making Houdini instantly more accessible. I'm really grateful to Henry and Moritz for MOPS and I can't wait to see how they evolve these tools.
  19. Houdini is crashing

    Any reason why you're using such an old version?
  20. How to get 3D look in render view

    By "2D look" are you talking about the flatness of the image? That is a camera issue. Go to a wide angle (smaller value) in your Focal Length setting of your Camera View.