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  1. ah managed to figure it out with the help of a co-worker, required some fiddling with the settings on the alembic write node
  2. Hi! Playing around with some simple rigs in houdini but one thing I'm having trouble with is getting a transform to cache out correctly (would like to animate some transforms, write them out as alembic, and then bring them back in so i can parent geometry to them) Having some trouble figuring out how to get this to work on the import side, the alembic caching i believe is working correctly, I can see when I reimport the alembic in the spreadsheet there are animated values on the point, and as well if i import the alembic in to maya I'm seeing correct transform values on the cache, but i can't figure out how to drive something else in houdini correctly after I read the cache back in?
  3. Hi! I'm attempting to write out some transforms and geometry to maya from houdini as alembic files (and eventually vice versa) The issue I'm having is that if I output the alembic with packed prims the transforms come through fine, but I get no attributes, conversely if I unpack the geo I get all the attributes, but no transform data. In this case, it's not loads of data, just bounding boxes and transforms so I don't need to work with packed geo. But I'm pretty new with houdini so I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the data into maya in the required way. Googling around it appears that it is also possible to append/set alembic user properties which comes through as a json dictionary on the maya side, which is a bit gross, but at least better than nothing, but again here I'm not familiar enough with houdini to know exactly how to create those properties pre -export. Thanks!