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  1. Hi Guys, I've been trying to create an rdb sim with boolean pieces where a dancing figure shatters and falls apart onto the floor. When pieces are activated I set deforming to zero. However, the pieces keep exploding off. I've made the shattered figure deforming with a "Deform Points" sop. This already seems to reshape the figure in a way that creates some artefacts. Perhaps this creates the intersecting geometry? I'm not sure. This doesn't seem to happen when I shatter with Voronoi. I'm not a fan of those pieces however. If it wasn't a deforming figure I'd probably next try to create some proxies with spheres and transform afterwards, but I don't see how I'd do that here.I tried to simply cut down the collision padding and shrink the pieces a bit, but still they explode. Could anyone give a piece of advice to make this work? Thank you! (Figure and animation have been supplied by the amazing Johnny Farmfield) fallapart_1.hipnc breakDancer_mocap_v03.abc
  2. Thanks for that! I appreciate it. I have to say that I'm surprised that promoting the name to the primitives has the effect of making the Transform Pieces SOP work. Standard, SOPS like Assemble and Connect Adjacent Pieces set the name to the points. Same with Pack nodes. It seems as though the Bullet solver prefers it that way, but in this case it seems I have to put it to primitives. Also what surprises me is that promoting the name after the SIM doesn't have the same effect. Could you please explain why it works this way? It would be great to understand that
  3. Hi 3Dome, it seems to work! But for reasons I don't understand yet, it doesn't work when I connect the dopimport to meta points on the Transform Pieces SOP, but it does work when I straight connect the bottom of the dopnetwork to it. Could you offer any insight here? It seems you changed less. Could you still send over your file?
  4. I tried using the transform pieces SOP, but it doesn't seem to work in this case. At the second frame it moves the pieces apart slightly, and then they remain still until the point that the sim actually starts to move the pieces when it should. I'm not sure how to prevent that from happening. Any ideas?
  5. Hi guys, I created a sim with proxy pieces and then tried to transform the high res pieces with the sim data, but for some reason it gets messed up. I set the pivot and transforms with setprimintrinsic. Please see below. It seems to have done different things for different groups I've split them into. After the initial fracture, I've split the pieces into small, medium and large pieces and fractured the large pieces again with added constraints which I intend break later in the sim. You can see the correct size of the figure in the middle, which seem to be the large pieces. Could someone please take a look at my file and tell me how I could fix this? Angel_goes_toheaven_cleaned.hipnc
  6. Hi Georgios, Glues normally work together with the active attribute. It seems it has to do with the size of your setup and the density. When I set the density down to about 100 your glues break normally. Also when I create everything to a small size having a Uniform Scale for the box of 1, everything work fine, without touching the density. Try that, you'll see it works. I'm not sure why this works the way it does when modifying the active attribute on boxes of this large size. Perhaps someone else can elaborate?
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