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  1. Mushroom growing system

    Wooohoo! thanks so much!
  2. Mushroom growing system

    Basically I need a VEX expression that would slow down and stop p@orient change over @age.
  3. Mushroom growing system

    The problem I'm having is they keep spinning even if they point in the right direction.
  4. Mushroom growing system

    Oh wow, thanks for your advice. Do you have the VEX expression handy?
  5. I created a particle system that grows mushrooms but I'm struggling with 2 issues: 1. The caps follow the growing path, but spin in an unwanted way and flip at the end. ( particle orientation ) 2. What can be done to prevent them from interesting each other. I want to grow thousands of them and can see this as a big issue. I know I can increase the ground surface and have spawn less, but is there a way to have them super dense and minimize intersections? Thanks! mushroom_system_v001.hip
  6. Flickering liquid mesh

    Is it possible to render the liquid as volume in Redshift?
  7. Flickering liquid mesh

    Anyone know how I can prevent my liquid mesh from flickering like this. Here are my settings and the problematic render. BTW im using POP Fluid problem.mp4
  8. Music to control Vellum

    Perfect, this is exactly what I needed! Also, I have the color randomly flickering before it is piped into dops. What is the bit of code I can write that would reference that? Thanks!
  9. So I have a simple setup that almost works.. I want values from music to drive vellum balloons up and down. Not all at once, but like an EQ. The problem, DOPS network freezes the values, so its stuck with the original values that are on the very first frame. How do I make the music lift the balloon, then gravity would pull it back down? I've included by scene. test_c_v05.hip
  10. Infect and spread color in DOPS

    Wow! Amazing.
  11. Infect and spread color in DOPS

    Beautiful boys! Worked like a charm. One more thing, if the virus spread is too fast and reducing the search value doesn't do the trick.. How can I hake it that there us a 50/50 chance of infection? I tried this but it didn't work @infect = (rand($F)>0.5,1,0);
  12. Infect and spread color in DOPS

    Hahaha! Here is my scene file. test_07.hip
  13. Infect and spread color in DOPS

    So I found a simple tutorial that showed how one point can infect other points around it and spread its color. But I'm having trouble doing the same thing in the AutoDopNetwork I run this in a PointWrangle and nothing... if(@infect == 0){ float search = ch('search'); int spnts[] = nearpoints(0,@P,search,5); int pt; foreach(pt;spnts){ if(point(0,'infect',pt) == 1){ @infect = 1; @Cd = {1,0,0}; } } } Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?
  14. Lets say I wanted to melt parts of a model using the pop fluid node. When I first scatter the particles, the model looks great with lots of crisp detail. I don't want to move most of the particles to preserve the shape, however I want those particles to repel the active particles that are doing the melting. How can I create pop particles that are just like passive colliders?
  15. Pop fluid and minpos

    Oh wow, cool that works! I just thought, there is a simple way to add a fraction of minpos() to @P position to create that effect.