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  1. thnks that does work but it is UV offset, not text coords. i guess i'm not understanding a difference after reading the mtlximage documentation page
  2. Dear ODForcers, I am using Mtlx in Karma and everything works great except when using a mtlx image node adjusting the texture coordinates does not transform the texture????? Any ideas what is going on? Thanks Nick
  3. Thanks uakin and Auzatulin, I'm going to attempt this.....
  4. Thanks for the encouragement. I may attempt with VOP nodes, I know nothing really about VEX, and i don't have a code brain
  5. Thanks Animatrix but I have zero budget, not even £30! Sign of the times.
  6. I was thinking long continuous. I was also thinking that it would (as aimed about) reflect off surfaces (multiple times) and refract AND lose energy as it went along AND/OR spread out when hitting a surface with rough reflections? Exactly like the real thing. I was thinking creating a directional light that didn't illuminate everywhere would be a good way to go but A: don't know how to make or hack lights and B: the main thing I would want it to have is that kinda glowing all along the path that lasers have and an actual Houdini light wouldn't?
  7. Dear ODForcers, I am (being generous maybe?) at an intermediate level in Houdini. I want to make a laser, but have no idea how to either "hack" a light, or create this asset. I could find no tutorial either. How hard is this going to be? Does anyone have some suggestions for me please? [not really sure where to begin] Thanks 5D PS: I need a kind of medium-range (I mean distance to the camera) laser, not a hero one. Ideally, it needs to mostly look like a very thin red, maybe slightly glowing, kinda cylinder. But obviously the dream is to have it act like light, and bounce as the ray trace rays would (reflect refract etc) [i have lots of these materials in a confined space]
  8. How please, is the best way to go about colliding 3 liquids? What is important is that each can be rendered differently. Thanks in advance, 5D
  9. thanks. come up with a million other issues i'm now trying to fix but thats the game innit?!?!??!!!
  10. I'm sorry how would you actually achieve this please @animatrix
  11. Dear ODForcers, The question is in the title! Ideally I'd like to use a plane with a mountain. Shall I crack open the node? Will it be that easy? (I'm only intermediate user) Or is there a specific node? Thanks 5D
  12. ok i'll look into that thanks. I already have no reflection. i cranked the refraction limit to 12 and samples to 2048. getting about 15mins a frame. i have a 3090. looks better def. will a uniform volume be able to get that "texture" on it? is it a million percent better way to do it?
  13. Dear ODForcers, tank_forSUPASLOMO_048-karma1.mp4 As you can see in the video I posted I am attempting a bullet going through a fish tank in SLOMO. There are many issues with the shot but here I want to ask about the foam around the bullet. It is created using many many particles emitted from around the bullet then replaced by tiny spheres. I am rendering using karma. In single frames it looks QUITE good. My reference is below from Youtube. So the noise is the issue. Denoiser just makes it flat and white. So my question is shall I just crank the hell out of the samples? Or is my issue with refraction ray limit? Or a combo of both? Or do you have a better method for achieving something like the refernce? THANKS 5D
  14. Hey ODForcers, I have this shot I'm doing for my reel. As you can see a bullet is going through a fish tank. I have multiple other issues with the current state of it, but here I just want to ask how anyone would make it so the glass breaks at the point of impact and then spreads around the tank over a few frames? I tried initially using a sphere that was animated moving through the tank from the left and having the two meshes (whole and fractured tank) booleaned then remerged. This would work except you get the seam of the sphere rendered as cracks which looks wrong. tank_forSUPASLOMO_048-karma1.mp4 Thanks 5D PS: I haven't attached the .hip as I didn't think it's nessecary for the discussion, please let me know if I need to.
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