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  1. CLIP (but with non-plane geo)?

    thanks. will try.
  2. Dear ODForcers, The question is in the title! Ideally I'd like to use a plane with a mountain. Shall I crack open the node? Will it be that easy? (I'm only intermediate user) Or is there a specific node? Thanks 5D
  3. Thousands of particles noise problem

    ok i'll look into that thanks. I already have no reflection. i cranked the refraction limit to 12 and samples to 2048. getting about 15mins a frame. i have a 3090. looks better def. will a uniform volume be able to get that "texture" on it? is it a million percent better way to do it?
  4. Dear ODForcers, tank_forSUPASLOMO_048-karma1.mp4 As you can see in the video I posted I am attempting a bullet going through a fish tank in SLOMO. There are many issues with the shot but here I want to ask about the foam around the bullet. It is created using many many particles emitted from around the bullet then replaced by tiny spheres. I am rendering using karma. In single frames it looks QUITE good. My reference is below from Youtube. So the noise is the issue. Denoiser just makes it flat and white. So my question is shall I just crank the hell out of the samples? Or is my issue with refraction ray limit? Or a combo of both? Or do you have a better method for achieving something like the refernce? THANKS 5D
  5. Shatter Glass Effect Problem

    Hey ODForcers, I have this shot I'm doing for my reel. As you can see a bullet is going through a fish tank. I have multiple other issues with the current state of it, but here I just want to ask how anyone would make it so the glass breaks at the point of impact and then spreads around the tank over a few frames? I tried initially using a sphere that was animated moving through the tank from the left and having the two meshes (whole and fractured tank) booleaned then remerged. This would work except you get the seam of the sphere rendered as cracks which looks wrong. tank_forSUPASLOMO_048-karma1.mp4 Thanks 5D PS: I haven't attached the .hip as I didn't think it's nessecary for the discussion, please let me know if I need to.
  6. FLIP mesh adjustments

    OK. My wife had a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I had computer problems ... but am back up and running (albeit very tired and smelling of baby formula!). Thanks ryew, I going to try this instead of my headache method! 5D
  7. FLIP mesh adjustments

    That's not it. I want the "union" of the cuboid with the mesh that's indented, so I somehow need to remove the intersection of cuboid and NOT(FLIPMESH), for the indent? But I've just realised it's not that simple because the rest of the NOT(FLIPMESH) cuboid intersection that is not where the glass is smashing inwards is left still! I'm getting a headache lol with this Boolean lingo and logic!
  8. FLIP mesh adjustments

    Ah OK. Zipped up and provided. I'm not sure either of you have understood what I was after (my fault obvs). I need the blue outlined cuboid (clipped down middle (red dotted)) to be indented with the FLIP where the glass has impacted (red arrows). NB: The FLIP mesh is clipped too (red dotted). After I will polyfill this other side and recombine with the opposite side clipped meshes (for where the bullet is exiting, splashing out, easily booleanable) SCENE_AND_CACHE.zip
  9. FLIP mesh adjustments

    I'm sorry but how does this work? I'm not sure if you understood what i wanted? (sorry if I'm wrong about this) I need the half of the cuboid on the indent side indented? How do I do that? Maybe im not understanding but I cant see how what you suggested solves my problem? Thanks
  10. FLIP mesh adjustments

    Dear ODForce krew, I am doing a bullet through a fish tank in slow mo. I have simmed only a chunk of the water for two reasons. First so I can have more resolution, and second as most of the tank would not be affected by the bullet, saving unnecessary sim time. I also have a procedural cuboid with ripples (frozen of course at this time scale), that becomes the rest of the water). Where the water is coming out (having chopped the FLIP mesh and cuboid down the middle) I can boolean them together, SORTED. However the other side where the water is going in I cannot figure out an operation to leave me with the cuboid's face and the indented water of the FLIP mesh. Any ideas or knowhow? Thanks in advance, 5D. NB: The cuboid is also essential around the parts of the tank that are not being affected by the glass because the interface of the glass and the water needs to be perfectly smooth, as if I use FLIP there and surface it no matter the smoothing it's not totally flat. NB2: Here's a pic of the glass shatter to help anyone understand what is going on.
  11. "Trace" around a mess of points in a flat plane

    Brilliant. Will try these too. Thanks.
  12. "Trace" around a mess of points in a flat plane

    My scene file has so much huge caching it wouldn't be practical? I thought I gave quite a precise description of what I wanted to achieve? I think your idea with the Trace SOP might work. I'll try and do that.
  13. Dear Forumers, I have a FLIP mesh and long story short I need to cut the silhouette of it out of a big cuboid. Currently (tell me if I'm doing it wrong from the start, I tried about 3 completely different workflows but I think this one is best) I am using a transform matrix in an attribute VOP to flatten all the points into one plane (the silhouette) so what I need at some point is to Boolean this out of the cuboid. How can I trace an edge around the outside of this 2D "blob" of points? Then I will extrude and hey presto can do some Boolean action. Cheers in advance for any help 5D
  14. WW emission from EVERYWHERE

    Thanks for info. Yes, I have heard this before although stupidly didn't take heed. At least I now have explanation for unexplained weirdness. It was driving me mad!!!!
  15. WW emission from EVERYWHERE

    Here is the .hip I tried to organise, usefully name stuff and put some sticky notes. I hope this helps. In the meantime I'm trying a custom WW approach with attr VOPs and POP sims. Thanks tank_forSUPASLOMO_021.hiplc