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  1. @caskal were you able to make the sparkly particles? If yes, how?
  2. Thank you so much guys! qLib volume retime works like a charm!
  3. Hey guys, I'm trying to create a slow motion explosion but can't get it right using the Timescale, timesteps or increasing the FPS. All of these completely change the look and shape of my explosion. How do I make an explosion 10 times slow motion than it's actual speed without changing its look or shape completely?
  4. Hey Houdini experts, Is there a way to parent two objects based on the distance threshold to each other? Let's say I have a box and a sphere, the sphere is the child of the box. So I want it to follow the box till a certain period but then the connection to break as soon as I apply some velocity/ transform values to the sphere or when it hits a certain distance from the box because of it's own animation.
  5. So I have a missile animated with a smoke trail made by using the Flame shelf tool. I want to make the enitre scene slow motion from a particular frame till a particular frame. 2 ways come in my mind but I want to know what's the best way to do it since I'm new to houdini. 1. Use timescale setting in DOP? (But how will the missile get slowed down in accordance with the smoke since the missile animation is done with a transform node at the SOP level?) 2. Cache the simulation with 10+ substeps and use timeshift to slow the enitre scene down? 3. Your way (the best way).
  6. Hey, So I'm trying to import a 25 meters (in real life) wide tracked scene into houdini from syntheyes. The problem is that it gets imported as 200+ meter scene. I haven't done any scale modifications inside syntheyes and I don't know how to either. When I try to scale that inside Houdini with the scene scale null, it does scale down but then the objects parented to it have crazy transform values! I want to do a missile smoke trail in this scene and the pyro will get all messed up because of such transform values. How do I tackle such issues?
  7. Thank you so much StepbyStepVFX, it worked. Great showreel, btw! Also, is there a way to cache the smoke at a higher division size than your computer can handle? Currently my division size of the smoke is 0.05 and my computer runs out of memory around frame 160. I want to sim at 0.01 or below but my computer crashes around frame 30 at 0.03. Specs - Xeon E5-1620 v3 GTX 1080 64GB RAM Houdini 16.5.323
  8. I have a missile and a rocket launcher, everything seems to work. The only problem is that the smoke generated by the missile emitter does not collide with the rocket launcher. I've tried making thick VDBs, adding a facet and pre-computing normals, using shelf tool for static object, set the collision to volume. I'm stuck. Please help me. I've attached the houdini file with the model below. Houdini.zip
  9. Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate it!
  10. Hey guys, I'm trying to make a missile go very fast in Houdini. I have a missile model and a sphere parented to it as the emitter. I'm using the Billowy smoke shelf tool. The problem is that when it goes fast, the smoke is in the shape of a sphere and far apart from each other . How can I make a really good looking smoke trail behind it with the smoke trail/ billowy smoke preset when it's going really fast? I'm pretty new to Houdini. Can someone please help me?
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