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  1. 1 Minute VEX

    Hello everyone! Every Monday at 12am for the last 3 weeks I have been uploading VEX snippets as mini-tutorials on my website: https://aaronsmith.tv/1-Minute-VEX Here, through '1 Minute VEX', I'll try to walk you through some of the more obscure and advanced functions that exist, and add as much explanation as possible to accompany the images in text based form. These are not for Houdini beginners! I also intend on all of my website's educational content being free - permanently. No donations, no subscriptions, no coupons. Below is 1 Minute VEX III as an example; Let me know if anyone has any suggestions for improvement! - 1 Minute VEX III - Ray-Cast Ambient Occlusion
  2. 1 Minute VEX

    Thank you! It means a lot to me to hear feedback like that. If there are any topics you'd like me to explore as you go forward with learning VEX, feel free to suggest anything.
  3. 1 Minute VEX

    It is that time once again! Three new snippets - exploring the various creative usages of arrays in VEX. I hope you all enjoy! 1 Minute VEX X - weighted integer sampling - https://aaronsmith.tv/1-Minute-VEX-X Using sample_discrete() to make a weighted selection from an array. 1 Minute VEX XI - iterating over attributes (finding prim patch area) - https://aaronsmith.tv/1-Minute-VEX-XI Using uniquevals() and findattribval() to find the area of a prim patch (by attrib id) 1 Minute VEX XII - gradient estimation from neighbours - https://aaronsmith.tv/1-Minute-VEX-XII Using neighbours() to find all adjacent points and calculate a gradient vector with custom weights.
  4. 1 Minute VEX

    Hello once again! Since the last time I posted here I've added three new tutorials, all of which briefly cover textures, mapping and colour in VEX. Thanks to everyone once again for all of the support and useful suggestions! 1 Minute VEX VII - OCIO transformed attribute from image - https://aaronsmith.tv/1-Minute-VEX-VII Using colormap() and ocio_transform() to read an sRGB image and convert it to an ACES-compliant attribute. 1 Minute VEX VIII - sampling nearest texture with UDIM filename expansion - https://aaronsmith.tv/1-Minute-VEX-VIII Using xyzdist(), primuv() and colormap() to sample the nearest UDIM-friendly texture on a surface. 1 Minute VEX IX - triplanar mapping & projection - https://aaronsmith.tv/1-Minute-VEX-IX Using simple vector math, for loops and colormap() to create a triplanar projection. Please feel free to PM me with any questions or suggestions.
  5. vex function

    Hello enda, In order to move your box from one position to another, you need to multiply the current box' inverse matrix by the resulting box matrix. matrix box1_xform = optransform("/obj/box1"); matrix box2_xform = optransform("/obj/box2"); matrix xform = invert(box2_xform)*box1_xform; // Moves box2 position to box1 @P *= xform; It is explained somewhat better here. Hope this helps
  6. Totally normal Though you can save yourself the trouble of unpacking/converting every time in the Geometry menu:
  7. Hey mate, the syntax for using an attribute as a group is slightly different. If you wanted to use the string name attribute for example: Or alternatively, if you wanted to use anything beginning with "prim_" Hope this helps.
  8. 1 Minute VEX

    Hello everyone! I'd like to thank you all for the interest the last time around, so I thought i'd celebrate by releasing the next 3 minutes of VEX; Exploring all things camera. If you missed it the first time, every Monday at 12pm for the last month-ish I have been posting VEX mini-tutorial snippets on my website, the most recent of which can be found below. Enjoy! 1 Minute VEX IV - https://aaronsmith.tv/1-Minute-VEX-IV-V An introduction to NDC space, and using to/fromNDC() to scale objects without changing position relative to camera. 1 Minute VEX V - https://aaronsmith.tv/1-Minute-VEX-IV-V#1mv_v Using toNDC() and removepoint() to delete points that are not displayed on camera. 1 Minute VEX VI - https://aaronsmith.tv/1-Minute-VEX-VI Using intersect() and optransform() to delete points hidden by camera occluding geometry.