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  1. Star Wars like Hyperjump

    Genious! That's even better, thanks a lot!
  2. Star Wars like Hyperjump

    Ok I've figured it out. I use a sphere and the copy to points node!
  3. Hello there! I'm fairly new to Houdini and brand new here in the forums. I'm trying to create a Star Wars like "jump to lightspeed" setup in Houdini. So far I'm almost done, but now I'm struggling with the look of the splines. I like the look of the tube (Splines and then Polywire node), I just wish there was somehting like a sphere at the end, or rather a sphere as a cap. Is there an easy way to attach something to the endings of the tube/spline? Of course i tried the Cap Node, but I can't make it work... Here's a quick render and the file: hyperjump.hip