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  1. cutting iteratively a geometry

    hello, i'm try to do Something not so hard (i think...) but i failed. just a simple grid cutted iteratively. like here : https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/basics-foreach-iii/ ( the second part ...but it's an old tutorial and the nodes have changed) i explain: i have a grid (1 primitive) and i want to cut in several primitives iteratively, by a clip node , and a foreach loop or a copy stamp (i try the both solution). the idea is to cut it in N prim proportionally of the size of the grid, (and with a random variation). and my problem is : i can't apply the clip on one of the prim resulting of my previous clip. for example, if i try to do 4 clipping, the result is four grid( my initial prim) clipped , so 8 prim... i'm not sure to be very clear so i attach the hip i hope that someone know what is the problem and what is the solution ... thanks a lot testclip.hipnc edit: it's ok : the answer was " don't use a for-each node , but a for-loop node"...
  2. ok ! (probably a good idea to sort by UV)
  3. some news: i have ended my first try: @fenolis... what is your question ?
  4. hi, all that is very interesting. that's funny because i'm working on something very similar. i've not choose exactly the same way, but the idea is the same . now, i'm at time to create switch to replace ramdomly (or choosen by user) each part.