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  1. I've just updated my fx reel here - 


    I'm currently available for remote fx work in August.

  2. I've never tested this before, but I'm hoping some of you have - How consistent is mantra when rendering on Intel and AMD procs? Are there perceivable differences? I'm also wondering about how close mantra performance correlates with the non real world cpu benchmarks to determine which procs make the most sense... My pickle is I want to build a big simulation node with dual procs, which I believe will limit me to intel at this stage. I'm also keen on hp for support - intel procs only. But AMD probably makes more sense for the rendering side of things in the future.
  3. Export Passes in H15 Pyro shader

    I have been able to split the fire emission, and the per light aov, but I cannot isolate the smoke pass. The other hacky way could be to render the smoke and fire as seperate objects splitting the vdb's into each, but thats not nice.