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  1. "square" scatter

    that's have a intersections and holes... ((
  2. "square" scatter

    Hi. I create a village and i need to create curved road. But this road must contains only square blocks of different sizes. Without empty spaces between... You can see example in attachment... But how to scatter that tiled road? Or generate it? It's looks like a squared voronoi texture. But i'm don't have idea how to do it. I have a spline (road curve) and need to scatter this road with squared blocks. Thanks
  3. Random Voronoi Fracturing

    and how to get it? i try to register, but "FREE" scene still not available for download... maybe you upload here this "FREE" houdini scene?
  4. how to create Ink in water

    thanks, but i don't want to pay for it. and for any tutorials. but i think i use your idea about particles... i think question is closed. thanks for answers
  5. Particles & Attracting forces

    and how this demo can help? go to site and read: "Availability: Note: This product is no longer available and has been maintained here for historical purposes only."
  6. how to create Ink in water

    i downloaded it. and saw many pages and i don't understand how it will help to me. i try to open and hipnc files from archive - all files not working. every time i see only black screen and black render... i'm not sure that this tutorial its a good idea for a generic users. i need simulation that generate geometry at final. i want to use this geometry in Maya for example. now i try convert fluid smoke to polygons - but result is very bad. and i still think that using smoke for it - its wrong way. because smoke and liquid its a different things and no matter that have a similar math inside...
  7. how to create Ink in water

    i saw it and try to do it. you did not see my video in question? this lesson is completely different from what I want to get ( The paint gets into the water does not dissolve, but swirls and keeps with certain clouds. whole pieces without diffusion. it looks like an object and not as a cloud and in this contrast. this effect is similar to that of a volcano explosion - when the smoke does not dissolve in the air. I tried to take the smoke and convert it to geometry - it turns out a terrible result, not even like smoke
  8. how to create Ink in water

    i can't see anything about my question there ( I do not understand at all where to start studying this issue. Is it smoke? liquid? what kind of simulation to choose to start with? smoke dissolves in the air, so it does not fit. The paint, as in my example, does not dissolve, but swirls
  9. how to create Ink in water

    i saw many videos with ink in water. its looks like a smoke or something else. But when i try to find tutorials to do it in houdini - i can't find anything interested. How to build from scratch this effect? Anyone know a good tutorials?
  10. Hacked site

    1. you can close registration for a time 2. you can move new users to sandbox and set time interval (1 day for example) for a fist post 3. you can block all mesages from new users, leave only one first 4. you can install filters for non-english words and 5. you can block users who create more then one message after registration ...and you can do more another things for block spam.
  11. Copy to points multiple geometry

    Thank you. Right now i don't want to copy many objects, maybe in feature )
  12. Copy to points multiple geometry

    I have a points. And i have for example 3 object - sphere, cube and cylinder. And i want to copy this objects to points with random. CopyStamp and CopyToPoints have only one input for geometry. How to copy more then one object to points? I want to see random object in points. For example i have procedural animation of point and want to connect 5 car models to create traffic flow on road....
  13. How to transform a geo asymetrically

    maybe mark vetrex with attributes? trans_point = 0 or 1 and then in point wrangle do what you want. for example: @P.x += x_move * trans_point you can use and "soft selection". mark point with float values and it give you more interested result, like a elastic band...
  14. How to transform a geo asymetrically

    you can use groups for example. put all vertex what you are want to move and use transform for your group