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  1. DOP in for-each loop

    Not quite clear without any screenshots what the scene actually looks like, second, I never saw the setup with a DOP in a for each loop so I'm interested to see what other people have to say about it. My first thought would be, why not use clustering for the simulation, rather having one big container for the solver, have multiple really small ones that suffice the simulation needs and not burn any unnecessary memory.
  2. Ground / Terrain Collapse Effect

    Really useful techniques right below in the link. All that's needed is to change the look your sim behaves, rather than pulling sideways, make it drop down from the centre outwards to the edges. http://www.appliedhoudini.com/blog/2018/2/16/rigids-iv-terrain-destruction
  3. creating noise in glue strength

    The way I used it was in a Primitive Wrangle. if(@Cd.r > 0.1){ s@constraint_name = "Glue"; @strength = 1000; } else s@constraint_name = "Hard"; Obviously this was using Red and Green color to set it up initially. There might be several ways to achieve it, but for what I was testing, it worked.
  4. creating noise in glue strength

    I was doing a similar thing not that long ago. I promoted the Cd attribute from point to primitive and used a PRIMITIVE Wrangle to set up my constraint attributes (which I'm guessing you missed as I can see the @strength in your POINT attributes). As mentioned above when Cd is on primitives just add a Prim Wrangle and do the following f@strength = @Cd.x. In my example I just used a paint node, used red and green color, painted areas where I wanted the glue to be strong and areas where I wanted it to break easier then did an IF statement in a wrangle just checking for the color on the primitive and if it was green = strength 1000, if red = strength 10.
  5. I kinda have the same issue, I gave up looking for a solution a while ago. I just think that's how resolution works. If you have settings set up to "HIGH DPI" under scaling, then surely, the screen with smaller resolution will have a bigger UI and the 5k screen will seem normal. If anyone finds a way around this, that would be great!
  6. Base level understanding of core principals?

    @StepbyStepVFX I've seen one of them, quite helpful if I am being honest, seeing some improvements of the understanding lately, thanks for the suggestions!
  7. Base level understanding of core principals?

    @konstantin magnus thanks for sharing those links, jumping to Houdini introduced the lack of understanding a few things about math.