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  1. creating noise in glue strength

    The way I used it was in a Primitive Wrangle. if(@Cd.r > 0.1){ s@constraint_name = "Glue"; @strength = 1000; } else s@constraint_name = "Hard"; Obviously this was using Red and Green color to set it up initially. There might be several ways to achieve it, but for what I was testing, it worked.
  2. creating noise in glue strength

    I was doing a similar thing not that long ago. I promoted the Cd attribute from point to primitive and used a PRIMITIVE Wrangle to set up my constraint attributes (which I'm guessing you missed as I can see the @strength in your POINT attributes). As mentioned above when Cd is on primitives just add a Prim Wrangle and do the following f@strength = @Cd.x. In my example I just used a paint node, used red and green color, painted areas where I wanted the glue to be strong and areas where I wanted it to break easier then did an IF statement in a wrangle just checking for the color on the primitive and if it was green = strength 1000, if red = strength 10.
  3. I kinda have the same issue, I gave up looking for a solution a while ago. I just think that's how resolution works. If you have settings set up to "HIGH DPI" under scaling, then surely, the screen with smaller resolution will have a bigger UI and the 5k screen will seem normal. If anyone finds a way around this, that would be great!
  4. Base level understanding of core principals?

    @StepbyStepVFX I've seen one of them, quite helpful if I am being honest, seeing some improvements of the understanding lately, thanks for the suggestions!
  5. Base level understanding of core principals?

    @konstantin magnus thanks for sharing those links, jumping to Houdini introduced the lack of understanding a few things about math.