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  1. debris issue

    hi guys, i was following this tutorial but my debris pieces are vibrating on this area. i have just used test pig for volume collision.any idea? thanks. od_debrs.hipnc
  2. fracture trick

    ok thanks
  3. fracture trick

    thank you please can you show me that in hip file?
  4. fracture trick

    anybody help?
  5. fracture trick

    Hi guys, I have seen in some videos that kind of fracture (large, medium and small chunks) but i don't understand how they make it. Can you show me please? Thanks.
  6. drop issue

    thank you
  7. drop issue

    Sorry i am still beginner can u show on my hip file?
  8. drop issue

    hi guys how can i slide that drop on the surface? test.hiplc
  9. about demo reels

    Hi guys, Can i use assets for my reel? or that is a bad idea?
  10. ray node

    thank you so much Dave this is exactly what i want
  11. ray node

  12. ray node

    Hi guys, do you know how can i stick these lines to basic box. Sphere it looks ok but when i put box instead of sphere looks like this. test.hipnc