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  1. lightning shading

    thanks guys
  2. lightning shading

  3. lightning shading

    Hi guys, i will try to make lightning effect but i don't know what kind of material or light i will use for it. if you guys know it please can you show me? i have attached a quick hip file. Thanks. lightning.hipnc
  4. fit range issue

    Thanks 3dome. it is very useful.
  5. fit range issue

  6. fit range issue

    thanks noobini. is it possible to fix it in the point vop? because i am new and i just try to learn houdini logic.
  7. fit range issue

    Hi, i am trying to create force for explosion but i have a problem direction of velocity inside point vop. if you guys know how i can fix it, i have attached my hip file. Thanks. force.hipnc
  8. color ramp

    got it thanks
  9. color ramp

    thanks bunker but it still doesn't work. i attached my hip file. ramp.hiplc
  10. color ramp

    Hi, i forgot how to use ramp color based on point number. i want black to red from 0 to 10 and just black after 10.
  11. constraint types

    hi guys i have a quick question. i couldn't find good answer. if i want to destroy a house. what is the better way for constraint. i mean for example i have a house model with brick, exterior and interior wall, glass and also wood layer. do i have to apply separate constraints for each them and also what kind of constraint is better glue, cone or hard?
  12. edge fracture

    thank you for your time Noobini. it is very helpful
  13. edge fracture

    anyone can't show it with just simple box?
  14. collision by sphere

    Thanks Noobini this is what i want
  15. collision by sphere

    Hi, I used vdb to sphere for collision but couldn't transform pieces. i attached my hip file. Anyone can help me please? vdb_to_spheres_test.hiplc