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  1. We need the old school back baby! He is the man to program our God bubbles! Jeff get in the house and don't bother knocking
  2. Can we please get automatic flip air bubbles support in Houdini 18 from just pouring water! The base flip solver with even Houdini 17.5 is severely lacking with automatic generation of these types of bubbles without doing some crazy node setup also I just noticed that the white water shelf tool needs to be fixed in two ways. 1. import the flip particle data automatically without having to throw done a dop IO node manually and 2. it also does not mesh the whitewater particles as geometry polygons so a third party renderer like corona can use, this needs to also be added cause it also requires a confusing node setup that there are no tutorials for! Add flip check box that spawns these bubbles on pouring faucet water without having to do some crazy POP network setup that still looks weird and unnatural! Other users claim all you have to do is just turn on air incompressibility checkbox but that is just for water cooler guggling with big bubbles not just natural falling water with bubbles being formed from just the water falling creating the air gaps and making bubbles please add this to the solver in Houdini 18 Gerris flow solver can do it so now its Houdini's turn time to get the flip solver programmer working overtime hours! Also the flip solver needs to be overhauled to handle small scale faucet flows with micro bubble bounces at the edges from the velocity impacting hard metal and just look at that bubble advection that gets attracted to the sink in a sling shot effect and the stability of that real life water sub steps where the formation of the high pressure flow and vorticity opens up a perfect geometry shape in most scared fashion without collapsing or flickering. God's simulation cannot be replicated even with the most powerful computers 20 years from even now! https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/69133/ https://www.cs.cornell.edu/projects/Sound/bubbles/
  3. Air Incompressibility Surfacing

    Yes there is its in the same spot as described also you will need to turn on both smooth toggles in filtering otherwise with spherical surfacing method you will get clumpy fluid look and that looks terrible
  4. Air Incompressibility Surfacing

    Yes there is its in the same spot as described