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  1. HI, I've been working in houdini for 3 months I made my first model using boolean and it is very cool, yet now I am banging my head trying to export an alembic animation with the layers separated to be imported in c4d for rendering. I read I need to add code using wrangles to be able to separate the paths that alembic understand and take into account the ptnum etc - this is just so complex. Why is it so difficult to export layers? is there a work around ? like maybe using hda? or a node that makes automatic paths?
  2. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    I am a Houdini Newbie but here is my wishlist: -Network Rendering for Indie Using Octane and Redshift - I am not sure if this process is already in place but it is extremely complicated - it should be easy to set up a 3 machine network rendering with 1 indie license using octane or redshift. I find that a lot of people are exporting to c4d in alembic for render because many limitations of houdini workflow. -Highlight the parameters that have been changed from the default - sometimes there is like a checkbox that is not checked that messes everything up. it would be great to know the parameters that have been changed from the default it would make the learning process easier -I would consider implementing. a better UI - such as cables that tell you that if the flow is primitive or points or vertex. - I would figure out if there is a way of copy pasting a code in a a forum post that if you copy and paste it at the object level it creates all the nodes with their respective information this would make it easier to share things - look at how this is done in vvvv or maxmsp - stop having like 6 versions of houdini, it is counter productive. Just one version if someone else has limits they can't render out. - create a houdini mograph since they are going nodes we can go more c4d
  3. Hi eikonoklastes I am attaching here what I am doing - I have a 6 by 6 inch grid imported from rhino - then i am using group range to select 6 by 6 polygonal quads in a given range . image 2 shows that I am using range filter to alter that group selection, that all is fine. The question I have is how do I tell the group range how to always and only select 12 by 12 quads(meaning alway select 4 rectangles at a time) never select 6 inch without having to do another 12 by 12 grid on top of the 6 by 6. So that it looks like image 3 . I want to be able to do it parametrically since I have to do it for a lot of walls... maybe group range is not the best option>? I imagine it to be a vex expression somethign like if group range is = to selected then select 3 rectangles next to it to make a perfect 12 by 12 inch selection?
  4. Hi, My question is regarding using group range and selecting always 4 polygons no matter the Range filter combination. I was given a 6" by 6" grid and I need to break it apart into 2groups.. one group is the result of passing it through a group range and adjusting the range filter to select some polygons based on ranges. This group gives me 6 inch modules. Yet the other group I need to use the existing 6" by 6" grid but this time select only 12" by 12" and adjsut those with the group range node using range filter without ever being a 6"by6" polygon instean always 12x12 modules (so four 6" by 6") no matter how I move the range filter slides. How would you go about this? using a for loop?
  5. Nevermind, I figured out a workflow of doing planes instead of boxes in rhino then exporting planes and polyextruding them into boxes individual components and then using polyextrude as parametric object thx
  6. I am trying to fill an eggcrate with boxes inside of houdini, but it just doesn't seem that easy. In moi, or rhino using nurbs it is relatively easy to pick two points and the move to the third point to create a cube inside crate, but in houdini I can only drop boxes in point location, it seems I would have to move manually and adjust until everything is in place which seems to be a long process. Does anyone have a faster workflow the reason I am doing it in houdini is because i want boxes to be parametric at a later stage in design . any suggestions?