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  1. copy to points

    Hello All! I'm a Houdini Noob and I've been working on creating a building for the past couple weeks. I created a randomize feature that would set 4 different window styles to a grid and would randomly pick a window to generate onto the building. What I've realized is that I would like the base floor (first floor) to be only for doors. I tried setting up a group range node that would group the first floor points (it's currently based off of the number of windows -- so that the first floor group would always remain consistent) but I've been racking my brain trying to figure out if there's a way to copy the window points specifically to just the second floor and beyond, then set the doors to the first floor group of points. hopefully that made sense, I'll attach my file -- but forgive me if it's a hot mess right now. Thanks! build_0418.hipnc