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    Here is my solution : First, Simulate volume. And advect a bunch of particles by volume. And convert particles to volume and render. For the last, do compositing with gain and gamma. I can't upload my images because it is in process but it works.

    Thanks Tóth! I made it with volume render but your comp tip was very helpful!

    Thanks so much!

    You mean, render both of them and combine in composition? or make volume with particle? The more I think, that is made with volume.

    Hi guys, I 'd like to make magical effects like photo below. I haven't got a clue how to render that effects. Volume render doesn't have thin detail and Particle render with motion blur looks too particle not volume. I mean it doesn't look natural. Could your recommend me some tips or way? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Im gonna find a way to tear struts object like cloth tearing but I dont know how to do it. I tried using edge fracture, vellum cloth, vellum weld points, vellum pin to target and set breaking available. But object don't have enough constraints so not keeping shape but collapsing to the floor. So I set the pin points on whole object except area which collide object's path. And then, object shape could maintain but that's too stiff so it's unnatural. How to keep the object's shape and teared naturally? Here is my hip file. Thanks in advance guys. tear_cloth_softbody.hip

    The ocean should move like water before colliding with dolphin. I think using vellum grains is more suitable than using flip solver. But if you know any proper method, please let me know. I'll test that one. thank you!
  8. hi guys, I've researched a way to make flip simulation moving like sand but I can't find any helpful thing. What I exactly want is, swimming dolphin in ocean made of sand. Despite increasing viscosity in flip, particles' motion is almost water not sand. In my opinion, I should use flip solver but I have no idea. Any solution or tips? Thanks!
  9. hi Andrea! Thanks for your reply. I'm beginner to Houdini so don't know how to use gas linear combination, calculate etc. But I tried to use gas field wrangle and detected that if velocity is zero, collision doesn't work. Anyway I found a way to stop smoke using drag force assigned animation key in Activation. Thanks for your help again and I will use your tip someday!
  10. Hi all ! I'm trying to make a cloud collision effect using pyro solver. so I need totally stopped smoke simulation but drag force in dopnet doesn't work normally. It works very slightly. Smoke spreading speed get slower little bit but that's it. I tried another way to using timescale in pyrosolver. It looks like worked but collision effect doesn't work in slow time scale. How can I get a stopped smoke simulation with collision effect? thanks in advance!!
  11. Hi all, as far as I know, Houdini Engine in Maya could import HDA files for making volume. is it possible in Cinema 4d too? or not? I guess there are no vdb container in standard Cinema 4D so maybe it seems impossible Thanks!
  12. fuel doesn't follow emitter

    Thanks soooooo much guys!! Your tips make work normally!
  13. Hi guys, I need some your help. I'm making torch effect but there is some problem. My fuel doesn't follow emitter and remain in place during few frames. So flames don't be connected, as you can see at my attach files. How can I fix it? I adjust substeps value but it doesn't work. I would appreciate some help. Thanks!!
  14. Hi, can I set all particle's pscale in same size in Filp solver simulation? I wanna get same (or almost same) distance between particles, but there are random distance and I can't control it. any helps or tips? Thanks!!
  15. I have volume with Cd field and want to render this in Redshift. But when I hit render button, it appears just in grayscale and can't see any color. I case of rendering in mantra it works fine. There is a option capable of 'Use Smoke Color' in mantra shader but don't in Redshift Already I saw https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/13007/P15/#103643 this page and .hip files but these things are not Volume but VDB. This solution don't include Cd filed. so in doesn't helpful to me. Anyone know what should I do? Please give me any answer of tips. Thanks in advance.