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  1. Thanks for the tip. I just made the Super Material in the Shops Pane and not in a separete shop network in my network. This way it worked by I can't add the preferences of the material to my created subnet
  2. It is not when I load a *.hip file. It crashes if I try to add a Shop Manager in the geometry network and then add a Vex Super Material. Hope you understand what I mean. It crashes when I add the Material to the Shop manager in my network. Without any error message or so.
  3. Can't remember if I tried it with my older drivers. Will try it with an older driver and to rename the directory.
  4. You can see my hardware config here: http://www.nethands.de/pys/show.php4?id=3616 Hope this helps, if not please post again. I am using the new NVidia driveres 52.16.
  5. HI, I made the candle VTM from SideFX and when I tried to make the sprite_shop and add the Vex Super Material my Houdini always crashes without any error or so. It just shuts down. I have no clue why. Maybe you have some ideas. Thanks
  6. Need some halp again with my particles

    Thanks, I will.
  7. Now my problem ist, that the bricks in the wall transform along the normales of the particles. I have a force dragging them down, so when the burst of the wall they rotate to look down. (See the picture) Is there any way to avoid this? I have taken a primitive SOP to merge my wall with the POP Net.
  8. Help with my particle system, please

    Thanks, I tried the Sort SOP but I didn't changed the Source in the particle System Thanks for the help. Topic can be closed.
  9. Hi, I want to destroy a wall and want the particles to start in the middle of the wall and then birth towards the outside (hope you understand what I mean). But I have no clue how to tell the particles to start the "birthing" at the middle (red point in the image) of the wall. Any hints for me? Thanks, Brain
  10. Thanks. It is a desk for my parents washingrooms. Just to led them see how it will look.
  11. I got the 44.03 NVidia drivers. My settings for the near/far clipping are: 0.1 and 1.74171e+006I changed the 0.1 to a 5 and it really looks better thanks.
  12. Hi, When I look at my scene with Gouraud Shading I get some "artifacts". Here is a link to a screenshot: http://stud.fh-wedel.de/~mi4236/test.jpg Maybe someone can give me a hind how to fix this issue. I am working under Windows XP Home and using Houdini 4.1 parallel to 5.5. Here is my System: Brain]http://www.nethands.de/pys/show.php4?user=[bH]Brain Thanks, Lars
  13. Not about Graka but about CPUs!

    I am trying to get a job, but it is hard at the moment. Hopefully I will get something to do in the next weeks, because I really need the money
  14. It is working now. I reinstalled the 4.0 keys.
  15. What's the name of the file? If this is the problem is there a way to fix it?