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  1. Double Lines / Edges

    Great! Thanks for your help.
  2. Double Lines / Edges

    Hi, I have the problem that I can't get the double edge of a free line removed. I have already tested all the tools like: Fuse, Doctor, Clean. Fuse melts the dots together, but not the rest. Before fuse: Points: 36 Prims: 2 Verts: 36 Polys: 2 After fuse: Points: 18 Prims: 2 Verts: 36 Polys: 2 It still remains a problem and here are still double Edges. For example for the sweep node. I get double sweeps. Of course I can remove the double line manually, but it has to be procedural. Is it possible to equate the Verts with dots in a wrangler? thanks.
  3. This is definitely useful, but so far I could only superficially argue with python. I don't know how to adapt it most sensibly.
  4. Hi, how is it possible to generate automatically materials (like principled shader) from @shop_materialpath with the corresponding names from imported object? thanks.
  5. export material tags

    hi, which file formats support the export of material tags? Only FBX? thanks.
  6. Reflection Occlusion

    yes, it makes sense. thanks.
  7. Reflection Occlusion

    For example, I was rendering a scene. But I forgot the Depth layer or a simple mask. Then I don't want to render the beauty pass again. It'll take longer than that.
  8. Reflection Occlusion

    interesting. I didn't know the stylesheets yet. Gives you a lot of options. Thank you. But basically you can't switch off the beauty pass? At least that is possible with other programs.
  9. Reflection Occlusion

    thanks for the info. There's another thing I'm interested in: How can I render a pass alone? So without a beauty pass?
  10. Reflection Occlusion

    Maybe that was confusing. But that's what I mean: A reflection in color and a mask.
  11. Reflection Occlusion

    sounds good. But I can't manage it somehow. Does that work for you? Thats a similar solution but in my opinion a little bit clumsy. An alternative way would be good.
  12. Reflection Occlusion

    Hi, is there a possibility to put on a reflection mask? I can set a layer in the render passes that only render a ground reflection. Can I put on a greyscale mask for that? thanks.
  13. Hi, how is it possible to get shadow and reflections from object for one certain object? Is it possible to hide the shadow/reflection casting object? thanks. * I have re-sorted this topic. I posted it in the wrong category before but already got an answer. davpe: for reflections you want to look at Reflection masks (on receiving object). for shadow you can remove shadow render visibility (on casting object). both can be found in object render properties. for primary visibility you can mark objects as phantom.
  14. Basic question about loop behavior at Vex

    ok. loop_questions.hiplc