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  1. Merge various objects/primitives into single object/mesh

    I really appreciate the time you spent on helping me, thank you a lot
  2. Merge various objects/primitives into single object/mesh

    I apologize for my grammar, I'm not very good at explaining myself, I don't want the hair animated, just the petals, and the hair just attached to the surface, to save some sim time too. Thats why I was thinking about rest position and deform points, but im very noobie, I will try you set up and check the simTime, Thank you
  3. Hello, noobie question. I have a model of a petal, I wanted to add some points and hairs, animated and did a vellum sim but the points/hairs snap out of the petals and fly off, I tried to use fuse but doesn't work. any ideashow to merge the objects so the points stick to the surface in the sim? maybe a rest position and then deform points? I don't know what would work. If any of you have any idea I would appreciate the help, thanks petalo.hip
  4. Basic particle sim questions

    Hello, I'm, no master on the matter, don't know why particles are being replicated at the origin, you can get rid of them with a simple delete node with a bounding box in sops, or directly in pops. As for the alembic export, there is a node called packpoints, which may help with with the times but you would need to unpack in blender I think, don't really know the workflow for that. Hope it helps
  5. Pop orient from source geo each frame

    Don't know if this will help you in your case but check the Rivet tool, I had a kind of same problem last week at it worked for me. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/obj/rivet.html
  6. Hello! I have this two models, one of them is an animated mixamo fbx of a character doing a spin-attack with a sword, and the other is a katana, the mixamo model doesn't have the sword, just the hand open like holding something. I isolated some points on the hand, got the centroid and created a point there, subtracted the position of two points in the palm and the transfered that vector as a normal to the central points where the sword will be, so its aligned to the hand, kind of. This worked for the first frame of the animation but get it comes to the spin the sowrd just keeps the same angle as in the first frame, the long of the sword is correctly oriented but the blade-side of the sword doesn't follow correctly the orientation of the hand. I'm still learning houdini and I for sure missing something and I don't know how to really look up for this anywhere else. Thanks. Here are some snaps: https://gyazo.com/f6dac5288ed223ac63a6ccea8b69fce5 https://gyazo.com/018df6bf2b990d3a9cd2cb8f2b0aff6b https://gyazo.com/0e6803c89574a2899cc7c4ecf005e8fa https://gyazo.com/1f886158016b065d9fca1400ffa4e380
  7. Pyro FX on animated geo

    I think it's the same way with a non-animated object, if you import an fbx with animation from mixamo for example, you can use that gemetry as a source for your sim, don't know if I'm right at all but thats the way I will go
  8. New Threadripper 2 - Core Speed vs Core Count

    Thank you for all the in-depth info Mark, didn't know any of this memory management, I will go with an 2950x OC. Thanks
  9. New Threadripper 2 - Core Speed vs Core Count

    Doesn't simulations benefit from higher siglecore speed? wouldn't it be better to have less cores and higher core speeds? thats what I have been reading in some forums for FX but I'm barerly new to houdini
  10. Hi, Thoughts on new threadrippers for houdini? 32 cores @3.0/4.2 or 16 cores @3.5/4.4 ? which one is better for hard FX in houdini?