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  1. Open world roads

    Maybe that gives you an idea:
  2. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    I dont know, if there is something similar: In Softimage you could press middle mousbutton on a Menu, to repeat the last action in that menu. That was almost everywhere possible and saved quite often some seconds and made the workflow super smooth.
  3. getting started in unreal

    I dont know what you need exactly, but I am always using the standard preset "Game -> Third Person -> Blueprint" and I can use Heightfields saved as an HDA without problems. Keep in mind, that UE4 needs another resolution when working with HF: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/unreal/_landscapes.html#LandscapeSize So you have to resample the heightfield at the end before importing into UE4.
  4. [Solved] HDA -> UE4 -> Landscape Grass Type density

    Hey friends, found the solution. Just add a "HF Tile Split" and the grass is super dense Cheers, sant0s
  5. Hey everyone, I am a bit lost about the grass density with the foilage creating tool in UE4. When creating a Heigthfield with standard 1000 units and create grass in UE4 with the Landscape Grass Type, I get all the landscape nice and dense with grass. As soon as I change some parameters like scaling, i get super patchy results. Is there a recommended workflow, to have nice and dense grass? In UE4 the limit of grass density is 1000. So I read that I can change the density in LandscapeGrassType.h. But when rising the limit in that file, nothing is changing in-game. Since I dont need the final result for real time rendering, it doesnt matter if the frame rate drops. Here are two screenshots of grass okay and grass not okay. Thanks alot, sant0s edit: I also realised, that if I resample the Heightfield to a lower resolution, I get a more dense grass. But somehow that makes no sense to me. The scaling of the landscape itself is not changing. And scaling the landscape in Houdini to 0.25 for example, doesnt change anything, too. The density of the grass than just scales with the scale of the landscape... very strange.
  6. LiDAR from USGS

    @rochre I could load your file with the LiDAR importer. It has a big hole where are no points, but its loading. I highly recomment that tutorial - its all about making hightfields from LiDAR - and the guy is teaching lots of awesome tricks: https://www.cgcircuit.com/tutorial/terrains-using-satellite-data-in-houdini?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=advanced-terrain-in-houdini
  7. LiDAR from USGS

    @rochre check that post to import LiDAR, somewhere there you find scene files to import LiDAR. How did you convert *.*laz to *.*las? With LASzip it worked for me. Could you upload an example of the *.*las that doesnt work?
  8. Oh man - found the problem.... I was not using packed geometry anymore but loaded instantly RS proxies from disc. So I had to add attribute wrangle to load the proxies instead of just object merge.
  9. Hey, since yesterday evening I am trying to render instanced trees on a Heightfield - and it doesnt work anymore. I could render the proxies before and so I dont understand, what I am missing here. I have a simple tree.rs and imported that under the redshift tab / Proxy: On the HF Geometry i ticked 'Instance SOP Level packed Primitives' I also unchecked 'Keep incoming terrain' and made an extra geometry that loads the converted HF. With object merge I load the proxy in the HF scatter. And than the final render is rendering only the boxes... Some days ago I was still able to rendern 100k trees as proxies. What am I am doing wrong? Thanks alot, sant0s
  10. random rotate top face of polygon?

    @flcc yes, was wondering how to avoid that tightening... Maybe combining the expression in the transform with something like ray? Isnt boolean more heavy? Anyway, thanks for the example hip!
  11. random rotate top face of polygon?

    maybe it would be more easy if you upload the scene - difficult to see whats wrong.
  12. random rotate top face of polygon?

    @ElemKlimov I guess your pivot (expression) is not correct. Pivot has to be on the top face, not below.
  13. random rotate top face of polygon?

    @ElemKlimov You have to check that the foreach nodes name is the same than in the expression Your for each begin is named 2, in the expression is 1.
  14. random rotate top face of polygon?

    Did you press enter after selecting the face?
  15. random rotate top face of polygon?

    ah, even better Thx.