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  1. Hey Tom, sry, I didn't see your answer... Thanks alot for the additional information and improvement! Cheers, sant0s
  2. Morning I would like to create simple UDIM textures on a sphere. Means, I wanna split a big texture into smaller textures and than use these textures on a sphere. Somehow I am confused with the tutorials out there. Anyone has an idea, how to do that? The texture would be something like the blue marble here (there is a 40k version) but even larger: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Blue_Marble_2002.png Thanks!
  3. Did you try exporting something very simple? Drop a box, create digital asset and check, if you can import the HDA. If that doesnt work, you have to check if you are using the right versions of Houdini and UE4. You cannot use VDB in UE4 yet. For the fractures check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xUAueQigbo Also check the YT Channel from Houdini, there are quite alot tutorials about Houdini <-> UE4.
  4. Hi I sometimes have the problem, that my masks in UE4 are not working, or at least some of them. The masks are actually all cutted, so there is no overlapping with other masks. Yet, in my example I cannot control the lines of the road - they just stay black. I attach the scene, but its quite a mess since lots of layers. Maybe someone finds the mistake, why the middle line of the road doesnt work in UE4? Thanks alot! The_Hu.hdalc
  5. Yeah, same here. No more downs after lunch time
  6. quick update, got an answer from SideFX: So, finger crossed its coming one day Cheers, sant0s
  7. Here is a theory how it could work - yet I have no Idea, how to talk to a parameter inside a material in UE4.
  8. Hey all Since someone in Discord asked about uproperty, I am trying to find information about that topic - and there are actually not that many informations. Lets say I wanna apply a material with Landscape Grass Type to a heightfield: Adding the material to the heightfield is straight forward by creating an attribute with unreal_material and the reference path in the string field. But when I have a LandscapeGrassOutput and a LandscapeLayerSample - how would I use unreal_uproperty attribute to talk to that nodes? When I check the LandScapeGrassType, I have arrays to add variations. So my thoughts are that I have to use something like unreal_uproperty_density(2) to comntroll the density of array 2 (or actually 3, starts with zero). But yet I dont know, how I than could talk to the LandscapeGrassOutput and LandscapeLayerSample in the material. When creating HF Scatter variations, I can use merge and an attribute with "weight". I guess, something like that could be a direction? Maybe someone has experience in that? Thanks alot, sant0s
  9. Did you try this? Maybe that works with your script, too. Its different, but mabybe it works with the "each frame" question. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/56994/?page=1#post-273239
  10. sant0s81

    Open world roads

    https://youtu.be/9xK2YK4iYO8?t=2724 I think at 45:24 its related to that topic?
  11. @konstantin magnus I was trying a bit - but somehow I get very strange results. Do you think, its because of the pictures? The front image I tried to build from screenshot since I didnt manage to put in you last code Or are the images to filigran? I am using these images:
  12. Thx @konstantin magnus What if I dont have the front? Can I somehow exclude the code or just fake something?
  13. Hey, I have a two pictures of a cave, the side view and the top view and I want to have a rough 3D version of that. So actually combining the two curves with the shape that I see on the side and top view. In softimage I would have animated a NULL along the curves to plot a new curve and get the 3D version of the 2D graphics. My thoughts in Houdini are: First I match the side view curves (the ceilling and the floor curve) along the curve of the top view, but only on x-axis and z-axis to keep the Y positions. Than I extrude the Output Front and the Output Back to the height of the two side curves. Is that possible? Thx alot, sant0s cave.hiplc
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