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  1. @Atom Yes. Its not only on the gap where the geometry connects - its between every texture/UV. I also realised, I scaled the wrong direction. When I scale to 0.999 (xyz) the gaps disappear - but at the poles the gaps is still visible.
  2. With clouds and some post its okay so far. But as soon as I get closer, the seams really annoy. 15 tiles, each around 40k. But is there really no way to get rid of these seams? I tried merging all the textures into one massive texture - but its way to big and I only get a pink output...
  3. Hello, I have a grid 5*3. On every face, i have a seperate UV and texture that has no anti aliasing or so. Everything looks good, until I convert the grid into a sphere and add extra subdivisions to have a nice, smooth sphere. I get gaps between the islands. Scaling the UVs doesnt work for me. Is there a way, to get rid of these gaps? Thx alot
  4. @Noobini thx, gonna try that (find out what that means) now. Best, sant0s
  5. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    @konstantin magnus man, thats a level up... thx for sharing! Wonder if there are more ways to convert a grid into a sphere
  6. Hello, sry for being such a pain in the ass with stupid questions atm - but I just dont find the right words to search and find what I want. I have a grid, 3*3, sorted so that it starts with ID 0 and ends with ID 8. Now I would like to use these numbers as relatives in different channels for example. Also I would like, based on the number of IDs, create for example Groups or UV_Textures - always with the name of the ID. What would I search for, to get deeper into that topic? Copy Parameter and paste as Relatives is already amazing and saves a lot of space. Also using the Edit Parameter to choose file path, create drops downs, etc - love that. Now I would like to dive deeper into that and my next step is what I asked above. Could someone lead me into the right direction? Thx alot! sant0s
  7. Hey I am having a new problem with my little project. Everything runs so far and its fun. But I get seams between the different textures. When I connect the tiles in photoshop, there is no seam. I tried playing with the UV Transform, but the seams stay. Do I somehow have to increase the resolution of the UVs?
  8. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    @Atom I am still on 17.5. But your result looks really strange. Did you try my manual way and changed the orientation to XY?
  9. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    @flcc Thanks for that improvement, gonna do it that way! Cheers
  10. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    Hey, thx - thats cool. I am also happy that it works finaly. Best, sant0s
  11. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    @bradcarvey The grid has a size of 2:1 (in my case 8 *4) and is rotated 90 degrees on x. Sry, forget to mention that. edit: and yes, can share a file. How do I save out as hipc? Never was able to do that before.
  12. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    Friend solved it, thx Nico! Only Capture Direction is different, rest is all the same. edit: the grid has a size of 2:1 (in my case 8 *4) and is rotated 90 degrees on x.
  13. I just realised, that I have to start with uv, than uv2, uv3, etc - NOT with uv, uv1, uv2, etc... Did cost me some hair on my head But I am facing another problem now and I dont understand it. When I subdivide AFTER everything else, the textures suddenly get totaly messed. Is there a way, to subdivide, but keep the textures correct? Of course I see that the IDs are changed - but I thought, since I do that AFTER everything else, it should still stay intact... edit: strange is, that the first texture is okay, just the other 4 are kinda distored... edit2: solved - just had to change Algorithm, now it works.
  14. Hey, in that post here, How to transform a sphere to a planar grid ? @magneto said, its possible to create a sphere from a grid with two bend sops. The first bend works as expected. But with the second bend I only get strange results. Does anyone know, how to do that? Didnt want to write in that post since its from 2013 Thx alot! Edit: Thats how it looks in Softimage
  15. @flcc and @konstantin magnus thx! I ll try that and let you know if it works.