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  1. How to model a difficult flower shape?

    Bom Dia! I dont have ZBrush. Only Sculptris. And thx @Librarian - beautiful, amazing stuff again, gonna check that out!
  2. How to model a difficult flower shape?

    thats amazing, thx! edit: with that technique, I could actually produce something like that, right?
  3. Good morning, I wonder, what would be the best way to model a flower like in the example image. A friend said, maybe with curves and skin. Any suggestions? Its for learning purpose - so any way to get to the goal is appriciated Thx, sant0s
  4. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    Hey, I try that tomorrow, probably I have to ask again for the custom emitter. Just rendering the stuff and finaly really happy with the result. When I got something to show, Ill post it here. Thx so far again! Best, sant0s
  5. Hey, hope its the right place to ask. Some time ago, I saw somewhere a video about a drone that outputs the gimbal data (I think it was some big studio). These data could be used to feed a virtual camera in a 3D application. Does anyone have experience with that and could lead me into the right direction? We just got drone footage and some shots are a pain in the ass to track. For the next shot, if the operators do have the right hardware and if there is something like that, we would like to get these gimbal data and use that in houdini. Thx, sant0s
  6. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    Hey, just read, that I just have to copy the collision setup (the fish) I am using in the Water DopNetwork simply has to be copied into the Whitewater DopNetwork, too. Now I get these tail I want - just playing around with some settings, but seems like thats what I want
  7. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    Hey @DonRomano sry for not saying anything yesterday. I actually found out that I had to use a convert. I did not see, that the model the company send me in that scene, was not made in Houdini. So there where lots of collision problems. With convert and changing the scale time, the water looks finaly great. But Maybe you can give me a hint on the whitewater: The water itself is okay so far. Now I wanna get whitewater behind the fin, like a tail. In the following link at 00:22: https://www.gettyimages.pt/detail/vídeo/shark-swimming-under-water-surface-vídeos-de-arquivo/9010-107 I get some whitewater, but only at the front or somehow quite spreaded left and right from my fin. Whats the right parameters to change that I get a nice whitewater "tail" behind the fins? Thx again!
  8. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    Hey, I'll ask if I may share the scene. And yes, I changed the time scale on ww as well. I say something tomorrow morning. Thx!
  9. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    hmm... I just dont understand it. Everything worked so perfectly in the other scene with 25FPS. Now, in the new scene thats actually the same thing but with 50FPS, everything looks totaly different and ugly. The whitewatter kinda bounces on the surface, it exapnds very strange, is to quick etc. It always looks promosing first and when I start to simulate, suddenly in motion it looks realy ugly. Anyone has an idea, what I could do wrong here? watertest.mp4
  10. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    hey, that seems to do the trick - I am just doing a flipbook preview, but alreday looks way better! thx
  11. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    are simulations when the scene is set to 50FPS a generell problem? Or should that make no difference?
  12. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    Hey @DonRomano thx for your reply. I dont really understand that. The 50fps are also in the Global Settings, Means, everything in the scene is now 50fps. Actually its the same scene than before more or less, but we had to change everything to 50FPS. The Fluid Setup is also new, but with the same settings than before. So what exactly do I have to retime? Thanks again
  13. Hello, first: sry for asking so high frequenced on Flip Fluids! I have a very strange problem. My Flip Fluid simulation on 24 fps worked perfectly - with the right scaling and settings I got beautifull results. Now I got a scene with an animation, that has 50fps (also in the scene file). I actually did the same thing than in the other simulation. Scaling and settings are quite similar. But now my simulation explodes. What I did was playing around with the "Scale Time". The fluid is not exploding anymore, but it also gives me very unrealistic results, specially the whitewater
  14. Hey @JFWfilms and @jimeng20, than you for helping, that helped!
  15. Good morning, I am trying to implement a fish into real footage. The animated fish only shows the fin for some frames over the water surface. I already simulated the water (flip tank). Now, when I add Whitewater, it appears also below the water surface what looks kinda strange. What parameter do I have to change, to see whitewater only when the fin goes out of the water? And how to I get way more whitewater when the fin gets out of the water? Thank you! sant0s