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  1. Hello, I have a grid 5*3. On every face, i have a seperate UV and texture that has no anti aliasing or so. Everything looks good, until I convert the grid into a sphere and add extra subdivisions to have a nice, smooth sphere. I get gaps between the islands. Scaling the UVs doesnt work for me. Is there a way, to get rid of these gaps? Thx alot
  2. @Atom Yes. Its not only on the gap where the geometry connects - its between every texture/UV. I also realised, I scaled the wrong direction. When I scale to 0.999 (xyz) the gaps disappear - but at the poles the gaps is still visible.
  3. With clouds and some post its okay so far. But as soon as I get closer, the seams really annoy. 15 tiles, each around 40k. But is there really no way to get rid of these seams? I tried merging all the textures into one massive texture - but its way to big and I only get a pink output...
  4. Hey, in that post here, How to transform a sphere to a planar grid ? @magneto said, its possible to create a sphere from a grid with two bend sops. The first bend works as expected. But with the second bend I only get strange results. Does anyone know, how to do that? Didnt want to write in that post since its from 2013 Thx alot! Edit: Thats how it looks in Softimage
  5. @Noobini thx, gonna try that (find out what that means) now. Best, sant0s
  6. Hello, sry for being such a pain in the ass with stupid questions atm - but I just dont find the right words to search and find what I want. I have a grid, 3*3, sorted so that it starts with ID 0 and ends with ID 8. Now I would like to use these numbers as relatives in different channels for example. Also I would like, based on the number of IDs, create for example Groups or UV_Textures - always with the name of the ID. What would I search for, to get deeper into that topic? Copy Parameter and paste as Relatives is already amazing and saves a lot of space. Also using the Edit Parameter to choose file path, create drops downs, etc - love that. Now I would like to dive deeper into that and my next step is what I asked above. Could someone lead me into the right direction? Thx alot! sant0s
  7. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    @konstantin magnus man, thats a level up... thx for sharing! Wonder if there are more ways to convert a grid into a sphere
  8. Hey I am having a new problem with my little project. Everything runs so far and its fun. But I get seams between the different textures. When I connect the tiles in photoshop, there is no seam. I tried playing with the UV Transform, but the seams stay. Do I somehow have to increase the resolution of the UVs?
  9. Hello, I dont know if thats the best titel, but I try to explain what I would like to get. I have a sphere with a high resolution earth texture. It looks great in far and medium distance. Now there is a specific area where I have to go even closer - and than again closer. The problem is, that the overall texture is already extrem big. So I again use a very high resolution texture, but only from that specific area. As closer I come, I only chose that area that I need and get a very high resolution. In Softimage my workflow was with clusters. I divided a GRID (not a sphere) in 8*8 tiles and projected the massive overall texture. Than I chose the face of that area and projected a texture only on that face (and a Cluster), but again with a very high resolution. For getting even closer, I divided only one face in 4 faces and could again chose only one face, to project the part of that area in high resolution. Finaly I used a FOLD operator, to create a sphere from that grid. I add a picture, to explain it better. Every color has its own projection. The green one is just a spherical projection - but the other colors are all planar. How would I do something like that in Houdini? Thx alot
  10. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    @Atom I am still on 17.5. But your result looks really strange. Did you try my manual way and changed the orientation to XY?
  11. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    @flcc Thanks for that improvement, gonna do it that way! Cheers
  12. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    Hey, thx - thats cool. I am also happy that it works finaly. Best, sant0s
  13. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    @bradcarvey The grid has a size of 2:1 (in my case 8 *4) and is rotated 90 degrees on x. Sry, forget to mention that. edit: and yes, can share a file. How do I save out as hipc? Never was able to do that before.
  14. [Solved] Grid to sphere with Bend Sop

    Friend solved it, thx Nico! Only Capture Direction is different, rest is all the same. edit: the grid has a size of 2:1 (in my case 8 *4) and is rotated 90 degrees on x.
  15. I just realised, that I have to start with uv, than uv2, uv3, etc - NOT with uv, uv1, uv2, etc... Did cost me some hair on my head But I am facing another problem now and I dont understand it. When I subdivide AFTER everything else, the textures suddenly get totaly messed. Is there a way, to subdivide, but keep the textures correct? Of course I see that the IDs are changed - but I thought, since I do that AFTER everything else, it should still stay intact... edit: strange is, that the first texture is okay, just the other 4 are kinda distored... edit2: solved - just had to change Algorithm, now it works.
  16. @flcc and @konstantin magnus thx! I ll try that and let you know if it works.
  17. @konstantin magnus and @Atom Thx again for answering. Of course I am rendreing these different parts in seperate passes and than blend it in comp. But its about the absolut correct position of the different textures. Its not that I have just a global texture, than some part of closer europe and even closer germany map. They always fit absolut correct in one of these rasters. Every next level is a new datasaet downloaded with a higher zoom, but always on the absolut correct position of one of these smaller rasters. Actually its like the system google maps is using. Each zoom level has always a raster of maps, each raster has 256*256px (or 512px, dont remember). When you zoom in, you still have the same resolution, just reloaded with a higher zoom. I just wonder, how I can create UVs, that stick exactly on a face only, not on the hole geometry. I attach a picture of a grid to explain a bit. @Konstantin: The problem with scaling the UV is, that I cannot use the same UV, since the textures are on complete different positions on the sphere/grid.
  18. @konstantin magnus thx for your reply. Thats something i definitly need, too - the fading. But its not about tileable textures but this: I have one texture that covers the earth - its 40k. Than I zoom in and have only one face covered with a texture (lets say europe), also 40k. Than I divide that face into 4 faces and use only one face, to again add an 40k texture (lets say germany). And finaly, I divide that face where germany is projected, again in 4 faces and add a texture, on with the alps - 40k If I would cover the sphere with one texture that has the resolution of that little face, I need a texture beyond the possibilities what Houdini could handle. Ill create an example to be more specific.
  19. How to model a difficult flower shape?

    Bom Dia! I dont have ZBrush. Only Sculptris. And thx @Librarian - beautiful, amazing stuff again, gonna check that out!
  20. Good morning, I wonder, what would be the best way to model a flower like in the example image. A friend said, maybe with curves and skin. Any suggestions? Its for learning purpose - so any way to get to the goal is appriciated Thx, sant0s
  21. How to model a difficult flower shape?

    thats amazing, thx! edit: with that technique, I could actually produce something like that, right?
  22. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    Hey, I try that tomorrow, probably I have to ask again for the custom emitter. Just rendering the stuff and finaly really happy with the result. When I got something to show, Ill post it here. Thx so far again! Best, sant0s
  23. Hello, first: sry for asking so high frequenced on Flip Fluids! I have a very strange problem. My Flip Fluid simulation on 24 fps worked perfectly - with the right scaling and settings I got beautifull results. Now I got a scene with an animation, that has 50fps (also in the scene file). I actually did the same thing than in the other simulation. Scaling and settings are quite similar. But now my simulation explodes. What I did was playing around with the "Scale Time". The fluid is not exploding anymore, but it also gives me very unrealistic results, specially the whitewater
  24. Hey, hope its the right place to ask. Some time ago, I saw somewhere a video about a drone that outputs the gimbal data (I think it was some big studio). These data could be used to feed a virtual camera in a 3D application. Does anyone have experience with that and could lead me into the right direction? We just got drone footage and some shots are a pain in the ass to track. For the next shot, if the operators do have the right hardware and if there is something like that, we would like to get these gimbal data and use that in houdini. Thx, sant0s
  25. Flip Fluids on 50 fps totaly messed up

    Hey, just read, that I just have to copy the collision setup (the fish) I am using in the Water DopNetwork simply has to be copied into the Whitewater DopNetwork, too. Now I get these tail I want - just playing around with some settings, but seems like thats what I want