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  1. Exploding Fruit!

    Thank you very much man, i'll give it a look for sure.
  2. Exploding Fruit!

    Hey Andrea, I have no excuse to justify my delay in thanking you other than personal unforeseen events. Anyways thank you so much for your help. I ended up doing a poor man's version by doing RBD fracture then converting them to FEM with mesh target and doing a switch to switch from the first frame to the beginning of the FEM sim. Anyways I stumbled upon this a few days ago and thought it might help people out and help the creator of it too. https://gumroad.com/l/vellum_flipsolver
  3. Exploding Fruit!

    Hello, there good people, I really need help with this subject and I don't know what am I doing wrong to not get my replies on my posts If anyone knows why please help. Anyways I wanted to get a fruit to explode and be squishy, So Fracture RBD isn't really an option. And when I try FEM you can't really create a shell object as it fills the whole object with tets. Plus FEM is so slow and unstable -Don't know if I am doing something wrong-. Also, a sidenote how do I add custom exploding force to FEM Sims. Thank you so much in advance and I really hope someone helps me out as this is driving me crazy.
  4. Tips for Eye Candy Fluid sims

    Hello there good people, Do you guys have any tips on creating eye candy fluid sims, Specially Flip liquid Sims? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ice cream scooping effect

    Hello there magicians, I had this problem where I wanted to create ice cream scooping effect but so far I had no luck at all. So If anyone has any ideas on how to approach such effect would be very grateful for their help. Here's a video reference of the effect in mind. Thank you so much in advance.
  6. FEM and Vellum

    Hello there magicians, I am facing this problem where I am choosing between vellum and fem to simulate a blobby thing effect that is an animated alembic cache I've reached reasonable results but now I want to decide which is more convenient vellum or fem, also can I paint weights in FEM i.e. some parts jiggle more than others and what are the specific parameters responsible for the jiggle and volume conversation effects in either vellum or FEM as I am new to both. Thank you so much in Advance.
  7. neatly stalking irregular object

    OMG, You are so freaking awesome that I don't know how to thank you. Thank you so much and sorry for the late reply
  8. neatly stalking irregular object

    Hello there odforece people. I have this issue where I need to stack irregular object 'which are hazelnuts', very tight and organized so I can RBD them. They must be stacked artistically. but very neat and organized. Any ideas?
  9. Combine clustered pyro into one domain/object to export for render in v-ray Maya? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you very much @StepbyStepVFX . I wonder though why hasn't many people engaged that thread ?
  11. Hello There, I am new here. And i wanted to have my first discussion about what are tips and tricks and best practices that the pros use to blend in CGI and vfx with live footage. I mean it may seem like an easy challenge but I've seen all kinds of people messing things out every once and a while. Even big studios often fail. P.S. I may use this information in my dissertation extend with some further research. Thanks in advance.