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  1. NanoVDB gpu solver + collisions ?

    Hey Berg, You might have figured it out by now but gonna leave this here for posteriority. Collisions for the minimal solver must be VDBs. The SDF should be named `collisionsdf` and velocities `v`. also you need to inform the solver about how long the collision should be, under the solver, setup tab update the collision frame range to match your animation. This should be all to make it work Also, make sure your sourcing has the correct source frame ranger and cycle length. Both options can be found under the Sourcing tab.
  2. OpenCl error 18.5

    Hey Hey I had some problems with it as well. Couple things that I made in order to fix it: - on houdini.env file, write the following HOUDINI_OCL_DEVICETYPE=GPU - Start the solver from frame 1 -I have a Nvidia card, go NvidiaControl panel>manage 3d settings> set OpenCL to video card. Minimal solver don't keep previous frame, so use a cache to store the sim
  3. rbd flip collision problem

    Hey Fencer! Thanks for the file, I`m doing a pool ball inside a water slider that It`s impressive how the merge works better than using a multisolver.
  4. Dynamically add rigid bodies to flip sim

    Hey Turtle, Do you mind sharing a file?! all the best!
  5. Narrow Band on Objects (not on a FLIP Tank)

    Hey Pskull, Have you found a solution for using NB in objects? all the best