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  1. wrapping geo like Wrap3

    Alright so I just finished to study python (solo learn app ftw) to figure out how the python code works. For those interested: node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() #these came by default with Python SOP, don't change it. nodeTrans = node.node("/obj/geo1/subnet1/objnet1/OUT") #nodeTrans receives the points and its data resulted of the objnet/extractgeo SOP mat = nodeTrans.worldTransform() #mat receives a matrix with the transform data of the points in the world, translate and rotate information matAttrib = geo.findGlobalAttrib("mat") #matAttrib receives the 'detail attribute' data from mat. In the first time in the loop it has zero data, so \/ if not matAttrib: matAttrib = geo.addAttrib(hou.attribType.Global, "mat", mat.asTuple()) #Turns the matrix data of mat in 'detail attribute' as Tuple else: geo.setGlobalAttribValue(matAttrib, mat.asTuple()) #if matAttrib already has something in it, put these values into 'detail attribute'
  2. wrapping geo like Wrap3

    Hey guys, sorry to ressurect the topic. I'm just new to python and I can't quite understand what's going on in the python node inside 'subnet'. Can anyone help me? =O cheers