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  1. Need help Wall destruction - New to Houdini

    The force won't affect the wall because you are setting "active" attribute to 0 on the all pieces of the wall. I used simple if statement inside point wrangler to set it up. Inside point wrangler, I'm checking If the incoming pieces are inside group "InactiveZone" if they are their active attribute is set to 0 otherwise it is 1. SimulationV3-2_fix.hipnc
  2. Hey there, I'm doing some RND on destroying a building with a force. And I'm wondering what's the best way of using constraints. Is glue used with minimal strength just for holding geo together and then using cone/hard constraints? And what about constraints between clusters? I believe the strength between clusters must be low and for the clusters really high, but do I have to use also cone over cluster constraints? Are cluster constraints even necessary if you use cone/hard? I'm just confused and can't decide how to use constraints properly. I would really appreciate if you guys can give me some tips on that.