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  1. Yes, I know that. Please check out the hip file. I left some notes there, Its easier to explain what I mean. Setup3_06.hipnc
  2. I still don't get it why is the simulation "inside dops" much faster If I use assemble node at the end of for each loop than without? I really want to understand this because it bothers me too much
  3. Yes, constraints are working now, but if you enable all 4 brick walls in the setup and then reduce their resolution, I'm getting longer simulation time with low resolution pieces than high resolution pieces. But if you don't pack every piece in for each loop and use assemble node outside the loop simulation will be 3x faster but then "transform pieces node" won't work. Setup3_02.hipnc
  4. I noticed that if I remove "pack" and "attribute wrangler" from the for each loop and add "assemble node" in the end, the amount of pieces changes and the" transform pieces node" won't work correctly. Also If the "pack node" is left in the for each loop the sim is much slower even if the pieces are low resolution. In general, the sim works faster with high-resolution pieces than low resolution, which doesn't make sense. I'm trying to solve this but I'm not getting it to work properly.
  5. I removed the last two nodes in for each loop (pack, attributewrangler) and used assamble node, now its working
  6. This is great, thanks a lot! The only problem which I have with this is If I use unpack SOP and connect adjacent pieces SOP with connection type "Adjacent Pieces from Surface Points" there won't be any connections, only "Adjacent Pieces from Points" works. Is there anything I can do about that?
  7. Hey there, I'm doing brick house destruction, I want to simulate with low-resolution pieces and then swap them with high-resolution pieces. But the problem is If I use Voronoi fracture on Hires pieces the fracture will be different than on low res pieces. How Can I fracture my geometry to have the same pieces just with more detail? So the "transformpieces" node will work properly. I'm also attaching scene file. Setup.hipnc
  8. The force won't affect the wall because you are setting "active" attribute to 0 on the all pieces of the wall. I used simple if statement inside point wrangler to set it up. Inside point wrangler, I'm checking If the incoming pieces are inside group "InactiveZone" if they are their active attribute is set to 0 otherwise it is 1. SimulationV3-2_fix.hipnc
  9. Hey there, I'm doing some RND on destroying a building with a force. And I'm wondering what's the best way of using constraints. Is glue used with minimal strength just for holding geo together and then using cone/hard constraints? And what about constraints between clusters? I believe the strength between clusters must be low and for the clusters really high, but do I have to use also cone over cluster constraints? Are cluster constraints even necessary if you use cone/hard? I'm just confused and can't decide how to use constraints properly. I would really appreciate if you guys can give me some tips on that.
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