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  1. Muscles, and how to get them...

    Glad to atleast have an update. I managed to rip the rig out of Maya but when cleaning it only has the points, which is fine but I am again stuck. I'm happy they're both in there but now I don't know where to really go. Do I merge them together and pray? So then to pin the muscles to those points is there a way that I could connect the end muscles to points so it will actually move with the geo? I've used and abused the shelf tools and I still can't figure it outttt.
  2. Muscles, and how to get them...

    Thanks for the advice, I have tried to both cache and bake the animation before exporting remembering to make the values keyable. Even with just exporting the skin or trying to it doesn't want to work. So I'm pretty lost. I think it may be because of how the rig is developed, with a weird use of joints. In any case, I have the Maya scene here with just the rig if it helps anybody. I'm just stuck on it, I need to find a way to do muscles with just the moving geo, if that's at all possible. tresxwalkcycle.mb
  3. Muscles, and how to get them...

    Perfect, an agent node, so I was going in the right direction but I seem to hit a problem with it's import. Through a file node it will load only the mesh in it's rest pose. Through an agent node it will load the rig(almost success!) but then it will collapse the skin to the hip joint of the skeleton as seen on the first photo. Should I be baking the animation to the skin or the joints before taking it out through .fbx? I figured if it's bringing in animation through the rig it would be fine.
  4. Muscles, and how to get them...

    I guess a better version of my question would be then how would I get locators onto my rig in maya to export? Just constraining them to the joints and saving them out as an fbx? I can get the mesh out just fine, nice and clean in either an allembic cache that can get unpacked or fbx if I wanted to bake the animation instead of cache. But I can't figure out a way attach the muscle over moving geometry if I only have the geo.
  5. Muscles, and how to get them...

    Yes, I've watched both masterclasses on the subject but my rig comes from maya, and I can't find a lot of helpful stuff of how to get those rigs out with the animation and imported into Houdini. The amount of stuff that exists out there doesn't seem to be much, but I know theres a blog post buried somewhere with the information haha.
  6. Muscles, and how to get them...

    Hello all, I've been searching around for a while and I can't seem to find much on muscle simulation that doesn't already have a rig that was made in Houdini. The animation I have is from Maya, so I can bring in the cached and cleaned geo no problem. But I do need the rig to be able to attach muscles to the model to be able to move with it. It seems counter intuitive to bring in cached geo just to make a rig ontop of it, with the added problem of attaching it to the already moving skin. I might also not be looking at it properly, so it comes down to this; Does somebody have a good workflow for getting muscles to move with the cached geo in Houdini, or how to export an animated skeleton from Maya to Houdini? I'm properly confused, even documentation help would be good at this point, maybe a secret blog post somewhere
  7. How to change Smoke resolution

    In the smoke object in DOPS there is something called division size, you can set it to different settings like max axis to set the resolution of the smoke sim. https://vimeo.com/162636675 Steven Knipping has a good starter series for volumes. The entire series is amazing but the free one should answer your questions. he will be doing things in this tutorial that have changed since he released these tutorials(I think he used like 15.5 or something) so some of the pyro settings will be different but the ideas and workflow are still gold. Hope this helps!
  8. Ice fracture on a trampoline, what workflow would you use?

    If I understand correctly if you have the DOP selected as your active solver whatever you add from the shelf will add to that network, if you don't have one already it will just create one for you in most cases. But that's just from my experience. The only thing I use from the shelf is lights, camera and smoke trail 95% of the time.
  9. Ice fracture on a trampoline, what workflow would you use?

    Wow, thank you so much Noobini. I did want to do the divide and conquer on the sim but I just got stuck so quickly after I cached it and then did the "what now" sort of thing we all do sometimes. I even used the RBD fracture node to make the glass pattern on my first few attempts but it doesn't work on curved geo so I got stuck there too. I really need to work on my approaches, you made it so easy. I also never thought that hair could be used like that, but it's all in a days learning I guess. Again thank you, you've made my day much less stressful.
  10. Hello all, I want to replicate the effect of ice breaking on a trampoline but I can't seem to get my head around the workflow for how I would go about it, the reference is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxpM2D2i0o4 The trampoline part is easy enough, with a quick Vellum setup I got a decent result. The problem comes with the ice, as I figured, I don't know if it's best to take it through Vellum or an RBD setup. I need it to do a few things based on the reference, obviously the first shatter effect and then smaller breaks afterwords from repeated impacts. I don't believe Vellum can have a setup that consistently breaks down over time over the multiple impacts(unless it's just a very high res grain sim?). The Vellum approach is nice because of the speed of the result and the ease of use. On the other hand RBD is robust and I know there's information out there on breaking pieces into smaller and smaller chunks, but when I attempted to sim using a glass style fracture it would explode with the cached Vellum geometry under it. Any ideas or other threads somebody can point me towards to get my bearings with something like this? To create the ice sheet I would just take a stable frame from the beginning of the sim and fracture ontop of that cleaned piece of geo. Attached is the base file with just the trampoline sim, as my attempts with both the vellum setup and RBD was very cluttered and made the scene file harder to look through. I don't know why I always manage to bury myself in these weird effects but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can't help myself. As always y'all are lifesavers and I can never thank you enough. Cheers. IceTrampoline_help.hipnc
  11. How to offset cache start time onto copied points?

    Thanks for your help, I guess the problem is on my attribute then. The attribute framestart I have now is just an integer for the frame that the point gets created on, which I don't have right but I don't know how to get the attribute to come up with the right creation frame on each point.
  12. How to offset cache start time onto copied points?

    But what do I stamp in and am I using the expression correctly? Do I put the timeshift before or after the copy node?
  13. Hello all, I've run into a problem that's been making me go in 6 directions and I can't seem to get any of them straight in my head. I have one cache that I want to copy to points that show up over time, I'm basically doing a running explosion like this https://gfycat.com/shinyhardanaconda When I copy the packed and cached sim onto the points the cache doesn't play with the offset of the points on the copied caches, so how would I go about offsetting each new sim on the new point. I've created a point attribute that marks the frame that each point gets created but I don't know how to connect that to a time offset or shift that would make it work on each point. Am I even doing this the right way? Anything helps, thanks.
  14. [SOLVED] Mantra not rendering Geometry.

    Luckily we didn't have to, I figured it out. It was the good ol' put it in another empty geo node. It fascinates me how many issues can be solved with putting the nodes into a new geo node. Thanks for your help tho.
  15. Hello all, I've seem to run into a weird problem on my most recent project. One of my objects doesn't render, with a material or without. Yes it's in my force objects, yes it's a polygon mesh(unless vellum does something weird that I didn't know about). I tried switching the shader from the generic to another material but it doesn't matter. It will render my other polygon object, the ripples, and even the smoke sim later on in the sequence. But it won't render the ball, nomatter what I do. I'm using 17 just incase in matters. This is literally the last step of my project and I can't wait to see it done, but this silly thing has to get fixed first. Thanks for your help.