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  1. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I pray for SESI to expand the functionality of the TopoBuild node from just retopo to a full modeling tool, like Cinema 4D's Polygon Pen tool.
  2. Houdini Modeling Drama

    Hey Seif, I thought of doing it but never went through with it maybe because I wanted to get used to Houdini as is. When I model I use the modeling layout and activate radial menu...fast as hotkeys especially on a Wacom. Would love to see your Houdini progress stuff!
  3. Houdini Modeling Drama

    I see you went back to C4D for your modeling needs. As a generalist, am burdened by having to learn two pieces of software. Am always dropping one in favor of the other then coming right back. I cannot make a decision and its maddening! I have dug into Houdini long enough to get comfortable but have C4D knowledge I can't just abandon...its crazy! Sorry for the rant, not sure if anyone else feels the same.
  4. Houdini Modeling Drama

    Never mind...just found it. Right clicking and selecting a new mode does the trick! Should have my first model done in Houdini asap! Praying SESI throws in surprise modeling tools for H17! A little destructive modeling never hurt nobody!
  5. Houdini Modeling Drama

    Hi! First post here. Am transitioning from C4D to Houdini and I figured its easier for me to start with modeling. The challenge am facing right now is with the transform tool. It works great in primitive mode but in edge and point, it does not align with world position at all. As such, using the edit node has become a pita! Any help is much appreciated, thanks!