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  1. Tree and Foliage Tools

    Ah, the Anastasia Video, lovely, so inspirational and demotivational at the same time I know about your little spare time, you wrote about it, but I still bought your tool, because it has so much potential and is fun to use, too. So no regrets. I would really be totally happy, if you could find some time to bring your tool to a new level, something like Anastasia? nahh don't want to think about this, would cost me my sleep
  2. Tree and Foliage Tools

    Too sad. Oh well, I have already bought your asset and I like it pretty much. I see a lot of potential in it. And I think that there aren't as much good Tree generators as you presume. Speedtree has a crazy price point, Onyx and XFrog haven't been updated for a long time now, and The Grove 3D (which is really nice) but doesn't have the flexibility Houdini provides. So quite some potential I hope that you won't totally abandon your Tree asset (or you should maybe state it as abandonware on Gumroad, so potential buyers know what to (not) expect in the future).
  3. Tree and Foliage Tools

    Hi Aragatory, are you still planning on updating your Tree Asset? Seems cool enough. I have bought TheGrove3D, because I dig the 'let the tree grow' thing, but yours seem like a nice tool, too. Still would be nice if you have any plans as you mentioned before with adapting more to the new new 16.5 features and so on... Cheers